Kelly Faetanini Wedding Dresses
Kelly Faetanini

A Kelly Faetanini wedding dress is a tasteful mix of classic and modern.

Kelly Faetanini Wedding Dresses

A Kelly Faetanini wedding dress is a tasteful mix of classic and modern. Reminiscent of a classic soul looking for an updated modern take on romance and all things feminine, with a bit of edge, the wedding gowns are built to evoke emotions and leave one with a lasting impression. Dreamy yet relatable, the dresses are stunning and are packed with exquisite details.


The dress. Isn't that what it's all about? Sure the flowers are pretty and the food is yummy and all of those details matter just as much, but the dress rates a little higher, judging by the excitement it evokes. With the sparkling stones embedded in the bodice, the yards of fabric draping beautifully, the fall of the veil, and the cut of the neckline, everything looks and feels magical and exquisite. A wedding dress is more than just a dress to slip into, it is a dream dress, poetry created with tulles and laces in which you get to waft around at your dream wedding. It completes your wedding day in a special way like the frosting completes a cupcake. The process of picking the perfect dress for your special day is something that can be called an exciting journey on its own. It is not only a significant wedding planning moment of its own, something that you and your girls can do together, but it is also a sentimental moment that you will treasure for the rest of your life. This is exactly why choosing that perfect wedding dress is something that our brides take very seriously. Speaking of the perfect wedding dress, different brides have different ideas of perfect. While for someone, having a forest wedding surrounded by nature might be the perfect vibe, some might choose to get married in a rustic farmhouse. Some may have a bohemian heart and want a wedding that depicts just that, some might be more about a clean industrial-chic vibe. Whatever is your wedding theme, your wedding colors, or your season of choice, there is a dress with your name on it. The search might be long, but when you do find the perfect dress, it will all be worth it, and everything will make sense! When you twirl in your masterpiece of a dress, with your lover in your arms, swaying to those perfect tunes, everything will be a-okay!

While every wedding dress is special in its own account, a designer wedding dress can have a bit more to it than a normal wedding dress. A designer dress immediately translates that the dress is curated with the utmost skills and materials at work. With a team of skilled minds and hands at work, the output is as perfect as one would expect. For a bride who is well versed in bridal fashion, a designer wedding dress might be a huge check on the list. Many brides dream of being wed in a floaty dress by their favorite designer, and being able to fulfill that dream can by itself declare the wedding to be perfect! While there are different bridal designers who cater to different vibes, Kelly Faetanini might just be what modern romantic brides need, this designer speaks perfectly to them and curates the right fit for them. For brides who are perfect contradictions and have classic souls with a penchant for fashion, Kelly Faetanini's wedding gown can get them to live both eras in one happy equilibrium.

Kelly Faetanini - The Beginning!

The story of the designer Kelly Faetanini started at the young age of 18. She instantly knew it was her calling in life and that this was the way she could impact women all around the world for their special day. At the age of 19, Kelly created and sold her first wedding gown to a bride in Chicago, and was overwhelmed by how happy and excited it made her feel. It was this feeling which still motivates her and has powered her to this day. After a few years of relentlessly chasing her dreams of piercing through the bridal fashion industry, Kelly Faetanini became an assistant designer at the celebrated Priscilla of Boston bridal brand. At the age of 23, she became the youngest wedding gown designer on the runway at New York Bridal Fashion Week but soon realized that she wanted more than just to design dresses. She wanted to make an impact. In 2012, Kelly knew it was her time to step up and start a brand. A brand that truly cared about each and every one of their brides and didn't see them as just the “sale” of the dress. Ever since she has been designing and selling wedding gowns with the heart and soul and comes with the intention of providing trust and an unparalleled customer experience.

Kelly Faetanini - Inspiration and Approach

Kelly Faetanini has dressed many brides in the last years and graced them with the most exquisite creations for their special days. A brand synonymous with femininity and romance, every piece by this designer is like a dream. This is for the brides who hold romance close to their hearts. These are the brides with a classic soul looking for a contemporary take on femininity, romance, and that hint of "something unexpected” for their wedding day. These are the brides who probably love handwritten notes and the smell of old romantic novels, but are up-to-date with what is up right now. Kelly Faetanini believes in delivering exactly what her customers need, customizing delicate dresses with stunning customizable beading, detachable necklines, and special corsetry technology for that perfect dream-like dress. At Kelly Faetanini, every step which is taken is done so with the better experience of the bride in mind. The effort is to ensure that not only does the bride feel completely satisfied with her dress but actually feels cared for. The point is to make the bride feel special and loved, and not like she is just after a “sale”, but a part of the Kelly Faetanini family.

Kelly Faetanini - Popular Styles, Collections, and Collaborations 

Kelly Faetanini wants the bride walking into her store to feel special and empowered as they walk out, and her collection depicts just that. Gorgeous collections with exquisite elements. Each of the collections are fresh and new, like a spring breeze, but still holds strongly to the core vibe of modern romanticism and elevated femininity. The signature style here is all about clean cuts and silhouettes, soft femininity without being stuffy, and immaculate attention to detail. Kelly Faetanini’s latest collection Willow is full of whimsy and romance, just as the name suggests. A collection that invites one alluringly to where rhythm and romance merge under the branch of nature’s grand sculpture. The willow tree represents diversity which is fittingly displayed in this collection's unique textures, necklines, and shapes, diverse from well fitted to flowy, from sleek and clean to full of blooms. The Willow Collection also includes a stunning ombre showstopper, beautifully reminiscent of a flowering tree in the blush-hues sunrise! And this is just one collection, every one of the other collections, from the Marilyn Collection 2020 to the Carousel Collection 2019, is equally diverse and full of life, while staying true to its truest intentions. 

Kelly Faetanini - The Takeaway

A Kelly Faetanini dress is the perfect blend of modern femininity with a touch of edge and uniqueness. Something about every dress feels familiar and almost melancholic, but it is also current and falls perfectly into the current times. Romantic and feminine, every dress feels like a walk in the park, or a picnic by the brook, or a perfumed letter, just the kind of things the Bronte Sisters will write about. For a woman from another era, with her heart promised to lazy afternoons and evenings in the ballroom, this designer might just be the vibe you can resonate with. But while they are all delightfully feminine and romantic, they are in touch with the wheels of time and fit into the modern world beautifully. Working with delicate laces, yards of buttery silks, and whipped air woven into tulles, each gown is a work of art. Every pleat in the dress, every sparkle in the folds, and every overlay of lace are arranged in a way that is unparalleled and beautiful, like stringing together poetry. For the modern woman who is fearlessly feminine and loves all things feminine, a Kelly Faetanini dress will complete her day in the most perfect way, Ranging from a price tag of $2300 to $5000, a dress from this designer is worth every penny spent. And for others, there is always the option of buying these stunning second-hand Kelly Faetanini wedding gowns!

While all wedding dresses are created with the same ingredients of airy fabrics, sparkles borrowed from the stars, and a bit of magic, a designer wedding dress has been known to have a bit more magic than a regular wedding dress. Maybe it’s just the simple knowledge that the dress you are wearing has been designed and created with the best skills at work, or maybe it’s the name of the esteemed designer attached to the dress which makes it even better, or maybe it's just the child-like fascination for a designer dress, but there is surely magical there somewhere. As soon as you slip into a designer gown, you instantly feel special and accomplished. While many still can't afford to flaunt a designer number on their wedding day, the sustainable wedding dresses have introduced the option of indulging in luxury at half the price, and still, go home with the moral assurance of having contributed to a sustainable lifestyle. There is no denying that a bride with a taste for high fashion will not blink an eye before buying a second-hand designer wedding dress, and will not care about it being pre-owned. Not only is it easier on the pocket, but it is still a designer dress and earn points on the sustainability radar too. A dress is already made with the most delicate of materials and even the more exquisite skills at work, and thus it truly deserves more brides than one to serve its objective to. It significantly reduces the carbon trail on our planet and presents a more eco-friendly lifestyle, which is a massive win on its own.

Many brides might nurture in their hearts the hope of wearing a designer dress on their special day. After all, who can resist the allure of a pretty dress with a designer name to it, and then cut and fit to live up to the name? But then there is the financial factor which comes with the pretty dress. This is exactly what prevents a girl with dreams of a designer wedding dress from reaching out and pursuing those dreams. The option of a pre-loved wedding dress is exactly the loophole that a fashion-savvy bride-to-be needs. We underline the fact that high fashion doesn't have to cost you your whole salary. Perfect for budget brides with an interest in fashion, a pre-owned wedding dress fits the bill, both financially and fashionably. Enabling several trend-conscious brides with a budget to indulge in the exquisite beauty of a designer dress. A pre-owned Kelly Faetanini wedding dress is a ticket to luxury without having to pay up an exponential amount of money for the same. The pre-owned wedding dress has not only brought in waves of revolution to the sustainable fashion industry, and has impacted the total carbon footprint that the clothing industry emits, but it has also salvaged the fragile dreams of a girl who wants to wear that designer piece on her special day. It also makes a lot more sense to wear a beautiful piece of art as many times as you can, than to just wear it once and store it away. Why store a beauty away that can be flaunted as many times as possible? Buying pre-owned encourages brides to love a piece of clothing with fresh wonder, even when it is worn and loved once, and passes it on to add magic to more brides’ special day. Now, this is what we call a win-win in more ways than one!

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