Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses
Oleg Cassini

A fashion trendsetter and style icon, Oleg Cassini’s distinctive designs introduced a new era of timeless simplicity based on clean lines and crisp forms with opulent and luxurious fabrics.

Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses

A fashion trendsetter and style icon, Oleg Cassini’s distinctive designs introduced a new era of timeless simplicity based on clean lines and crisp forms with opulent and luxurious fabrics. The dresses that bear his name reflect the utmost devotion to detail. Oleg Cassini bridal collection boasts a plethora of various designs from classic ball gowns, modern sheaths to daring trumpet or mermaid gowns. Beautiful lace, intricate beading, and gorgeous fabrics are the hallmarks of the Oleg Cassini gowns. Always elegant and stylish. Every Oleg Cassini gown is fashioned with luxurious fabrics, intricate appliques, and fine beadwork, perfect for the bride with an eye for gracefulness. While some of his dresses are a blast from the past, there are others that are epitaph to brides’ wedding dreams!

Your wedding day isn’t the time to fade into the background, thanks to the wedding vendors including wedding dress designers who give an unforgettable frame to your once-in-a-lifetime memories. So, your red-letter day is around the corner and even you don’t know how many types of wedding dresses with various shapes or silhouettes you have imagined yourself in for your ‘I Do’ moment so far- in your dreams while sleeping and day-dreaming or maybe while looking yourself in the mirror or literally at some bridal salons. So, we guess, by now you are prepared to answer the questions, your bridal stylist is going to ask when so that they can show you the wedding dress that exactly matches your visions. The first question might be- Which type of wedding dress you’d like to wear on your special day? When thinking of wedding dresses or ball gowns, images of Cinderella are usually what come to mind to either entice brides-to-be or drag them away from the woods of glorious wedding gown silhouette. Quite obvious! After all, we girls are a princess and have grown watching Disney princesses on TV!

While you are working your way around to the most important day of your life with your bridal checklist in your purse, wedding dress shopping is something that pulls you with your hand out for some time when you are in the thick of wedding planning. Wedding dress shopping thrills and you can top it off with these helpful tips for a stress-free bridal gown shopping experience. While so many things (such as a wedding venue) that define your wedding are not in your hands, your wedding dress comes amongst those which are fully controllable. However, finding a wedding gown that fits fairly and squarely your personality as well as wedding dreams is no easy task when you live in a city which is crammed to the brim with popular wedding gown designers. 

Oleg Cassini: Prologue

Born as Oleg Aleksandrovich Loiewski on 11 April 1913 in Paris to an aristocratic Russian family with maternal Italian ancestry, Oleg Cassini was a famous American fashion designer and before bidding adieu to the world on 17 March 2006 he gifted the fashion world a lot of famous personalities including Jacqueline Kennedy. He earned himself quite a stature and we are going to shed some light on his designs but before that let’s take a free ride to his past. The 1918 Russian Revolution caused the Loiewski folks to uproot their homes and seek refuge. His childhood was spent in different countries, after staying in Denmark and Switzerland for some time they finally settled in Florence, Italy. To blend in Italy, the family decided to switch to the maternal surname Cassini. He could speak multiple languages Danish, French, Italian, and Russian. Cassini’s path to the fashion world was paved by his mother, Marguerite, who founded a fashion house which became a fortunate source of income for the family as well as first hands-on experience in fashion for the boy. When he was a kid, he suffered a major accident that had him bed-ridden for several months. He utilized this time indulging himself in American history books and watching American films, which would be an early incentive for his future work.

Oleg went to the University of Florence to study Political Science and became a successful equestrian. Later he studied the fine art under Giorgio de Chirico (painter) at the Accademia di Belle Arti Firenze. Aimed at opening his own boutique, he began studying under Jean Patou after all the political and artistic education. Oleg’s designs allured people across the globe and he triumphed many international contests of fashion in Turin including the first five prizes in Mostra Della Moda for a painted silver foil evening dress, winning a prize of 5,000 lire. He used this amount to fulfill his dream of establishing a store (in Rome) and started designing for Roman films.

During the Second World War in the Pearl Harbor attack, he had to enlist in the war efforts urgently. At first, he joined the United States Coast Guard and later the U.S. Army. Due to his services, Oleg became a naturalized citizen of the country as a reward and was commissioned at Fort Riley in Kansas as a First Lieutenant.

Oleg Cassini: Designer’s Inspiration

Famous for his colorful lifestyle as he was for his clothes, Oleg Cassini has styled many noteworthy names throughout his life. In Cassini’s own words: "My philosophy is this: Do not tamper with the anatomy of a woman's body; do not camouflage it." Oleg Cassini also said, “Designing a wedding gown is ‘perhaps the most special task’." He designed every single dress thoughtfully with extreme attention to detail and keeping the women’s frame in his view which can clearly be seen in his creations. 

Highly inspired by sports and Native American culture, world-famous designer Oleg Cassini has crafted the fashion of many famed women in his 70 years of tenure in the fashion industry. From dressing up Jacqueline Kennedy in a boxy suit to decking up Marilyn Monroe with a sultry red dress, he designed in a way that best incarnated the spirit of these iconic women and that might have been the reason why it became the talk of the town in no time. His trends were swayed trends worldwide unknowingly smack dab after that. He is remembered for his struggles of becoming a designer, his rise to international stardom, and his profound effect on American fashion culture.

Oleg Cassini: Journey from the playground to fashion ramp and film sets

Oleg was a sports enthusiast and besides being on the teenage soccer team, he joined the university ski and track teams as well. won the tournament. He played tennis for Jr. Davis Cup and won the tournament withal. He left for the United States after getting engaged to Anna Donnina Toeplitz, a Roman debutante. For a short period of time, he worked in Washington D.C. as a political cartoonist. He already became a well-known designer in Rome before stepping into the United States as a young man to live the American dream. He got work with Paramount Pictures in a heartbeat. After arriving in Hollywood, he continued his tennis-playing interest at the West Side Tennis Club and won a tournament. Post his victory, his partner revealed his identity as the Paramount Pictures head and told Oleg that they were looking for a designer. The very next day Oleg got employed as a full-time designer. But it was his designs for films that made him famous before he knew it. ‘I Wanted Wings’ (1941) was his first film for which he crafted the look for Veronica Lake, a newcomer and the lead of the movie. He became particularly well known as a designer for Jacqueline Kennedy while she was the First Lady of the United States. The "Jackie Look" was to become highly influential and much admired. Cassini began cropping his interest in fashion and American culture in his youth which equipped him to provide a timeless designer collection. In 1952, he opened a fashion house in the heart of the fashion industry that is New York.

Furthermore, throughout his career he designed costumes for many films including Tales of Manhattan, 1942; The Razor’s Edge, 1946; Born to Speed, 1947; That Wonderful Urge, 1948; Rampage, 1963 and The Ambushers, 1967 among others. Many stars flaunted his designer dresses such as Betty Grable, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Ursula Andress, and Suzy Parker.

Indeed, he was a man of great means, and of great intellect. He also assisted in Humanitarian causes and bagged awards for it. The sensitive and lively designer also wrote books and appeared on many television shows that aired around the world in various languages.

Oleg Cassini Designer Collection

There is a huge demand for all kinds of second-hand Oleg Cassini wedding dresses with a designer label. The key to successful wedding dress shopping is to be in the right place at the right time. Whether it’s a bridesmaids’ dressesflower girls dress, or the bride’s mother’s dress or groom’s mother’s dress, you would love it if you get all of them under one roof with matching accessories. Oleg Cassini bridal stores are one-stop-shop and hold all the cards when it comes to serving brides and her attendants with their dream dresses. They also stay one jump ahead of their competitor designers which is pretty visible in their collections and service when you hit their floor. Brides are jumping to purchase Oleg Cassini preowned wedding dresses and locking in the affordable prices before the stock is out. Remember one thing- it's all about the dress that suits you. Whether you are a minimalist bride with a ‘less is more’ approach or a modern 21st-century bride for whom big, poofy princess dresses are perennial, Oleg Cassini bridal collection is just for you. You are not hunting a million-dollar wedding dress what Victoria Swarovski donned on her wedding day or this Crystal Heiress' Dubai-made wedding dress costing a whopping Dhs 3.6 million. You simply want a dress at an ordinary price that can enhance your beauty in an extraordinary way. If you are a woman who’s less fussy and more confident in herself and prefers simple ceremonies to royal weddings, a wedding dress full of refined silhouettes and modern femininity from the Oleg Cassini Bridal collection is what you might be looking for. Basically Oleg Cassini Bridal is the dream closet for today’s brides seeking yesteryears’ elegance for that jaw-dropping wedding look. The freedom to maneuver is what makes modern wedding dresses perfect for a beach wedding or an out-of-doors ceremony.

Oleg Cassini Designer: Borrowing Magnolia

Borrowing Magnolia entered the world of preowned bridal gown resources when the second-hand bridal market was begging for dresses that had a designer label on them and were affordable yet elegant and available at the click of a button. Buying a wedding dress online is gaining popularity amongst women, especially brides, bridesmaids, and other wedding guests. The convenience of having your dream dress at the touch of a finger is unsurpassed and the fact that all of our ravishing dresses are available online not only tops up your bank account and satisfies your eco-friendly soul, but also means you can shop from the comfort of your couch with a glass of wine in hand. The day you choose your wedding dress for- is one that will get etched in the memories of your loved ones forever and just because you are shopping for your wedding dress online doesn’t mean you will lose the wonderful service you would expect to receive in the top-notch designer showrooms.

If you couldn’t find your dream bridal dress at attainable prices so far, Borrowing Magnolia could be your last chance saloon. Borrowing Magnolia bridges the gap between your dream Oleg Cassini designer dress and you by listing second-hand wedding dresses designed by popular wedding gown designers such as Oleg Cassini at jaw-dropping prices that could give you a jaw-dropping wedding look on your special occasion. These Oleg Cassini preloved wedding dresses for sale are in next to new condition and bring the same joy and beauty to soon-to-be brides that it rendered to its first owner brides, that too without going over budget. 

Oleg Cassini resale: Let the dreams be precious only

Your dreams are valuable! Don’t let those numbers on a tiny tag be a screeching halt while you are riding to fulfill your dreams. When you were a little kid and naive you had no idea the cost involved in your dream wedding dress. Now you know, how a wedding dress from your favorite bridal designer can break your bank and shake your wedding budget like an earthquake! Luckily, you have Oleg Cassini resale and Oleg Cassini sample sale where you could not only buy a dress or two that fit your dreams and budget but also sell it back on any used wedding dress selling platforms. The sample sale collection includes Bridal SamplesBridesmaid SamplesSpecial Occasion SamplesGift & Accessories SampleLast Chance SaleNewly Discontinued. At Borrowing Magnolia also, we offer marvelously gorgeous Oleg Cassini preowned bridal gowns and ball gowns at unbeatable prices, so you can have the dress of your dreams without burning a hole in your pocket! View this breathtaking ball gown, it is sure you make your sweetheart fall in love with you again! From plus-size wedding dress collection (2-18) to sleek boho bridal collection, you are covered by us. Click here to take a peek at the gorgeous Oleg Cassini designs available now at Borrowing Magnolia.

Oleg Cassini: Collections- RE-love the PRE-loved

An aristocrat turned artist turned Hollywood fashion designer, the label has dressed stars and celebrities as varied as Taylor Swift and Grace Kelly. What most brides do not realize is that whether it’s a wedding dress or a ball gown, they can really be as versatile as bridal accessories. Take a peek at Oleg Cassini 2018 Bridal & Evening Dress Collection. They could bring their own style and flair to the bridal gown table. To wear an Oleg Cassini wedding dress is truly special and will add a royal touch of something beautiful to your special day. Let’s have a look at some of the killer Oleg Cassini Bridal collections that managed not only to set the fashion world on fire but also to take brides and their grooms’ breath away.

Oleg Cassini Bridal Spring 2018: While remaining true to Cassini's vision and classic, tasteful aesthetic, this brand is as adept at constructing elegant options for contemporary brides as it is at creating wedding dresses with an ambiance that's truly timeless. Think classic silhouettes, demure lace, and just the right amount of embellishments and beading for a wedding look that's as on point today as it will be for years to come. In other words, if your bride style idols are Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, or Jackie Kennedy, there's probably an Oleg Cassini wedding dress that would make the perfect match for your wedding day. Take a peek at every stunning look in the Oleg Cassini Spring 2018 collection, right here.

Oleg Cassini - Spring 2017 - The Opulent Bride: Oleg Cassini's Spring 2017 collection features an array of romantic and alluring dresses. The wedding gowns are made of lovely lace appliqués, flowing skirts, and impressive beading and embroidery. Ivory/Whisper Pink lace ball gown with sweetheart neckline, corset bodice, allover lace appliqués, and scalloped hem are the highlights of this collection.

Oleg Cassini Wedding Dress Collection Fall 2015 Ball Gown: With spectacular elegant designs, Oleg Cassini has become the authority on timeless feminine looks. Cassini’s Fall 2015 collection showed what a touch of charm and glamor to traditional styles could do. The brand’s affinity for classic silhouettes was showcased throughout the collection, which witnessed voluminous A-lines and texturized ball gowns mingle with more sultry fitted dresses. Carrying on the traditional, vintage aesthetic were several shorter frocks and tea-length dresses, reminiscent of the soft, alluring designs of the 1950s. The collection also featured a pop of drama with ruffled layers, elegant trains, illusion necklines, and detachable satin skirts. Embellishments ranged from delicate hand-embroidered lace and floral appliques to striking beading and crystal accents for an added hint of shimmer. It was a variety of classically feminine accessories that completed the collection’s timeless looks, teamed with satin gloves, pearl necklaces, corsages, and tiaras perfect for the bride who is a princess at heart.

Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses: Grab a Fab

Sometimes you pin some dress in your mind and head to another store in search of better deals or prices. And by the time you realize that the former one was the best you lose it to some other budget-savvy bride-to-be. Here, we would suggest you make hay while the sun shines and feel relaxed. It’s now or never. A-Line, mermaid, sheath, short, you just name it, Borrowing Magnolia has a dazzling selection of Oleg Cassini wedding dresses and evening gowns in different colors. 

Known for crafting some of the most memorable fashion moments of our time including many famous celebrities, Cassini was a trendsetter fashion designer who became popular worldwide for his epic designs. He is a name that has got etched in the history of the fashion world. His wedding gowns that have graced Hollywood beauties and style icons. He introduced a number of classic bridal gown silhouettes and in many ways was the father of the current wedding gown styles we wear today.

“To be well dressed is a little like being in love,” said Oleg Cassini. This is the thought that makes Oleg Cassini design house's creations pretty much perfect for any bride. Every bride will find her style with Oleg Cassini wedding gowns for sale.

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