Rue de Seine Wedding Dresses
Rue de Seine

Rue gowns have passion, boldness, and creativity written all over it.

Rue de Seine Wedding Dresses

Rue gowns have passion, boldness, and creativity written all over it. From Classic bridal wear featuring Wild Heart, Moonlight Magic, and Love Spell collections to Golden Rhapsody, inspired by the rising sun and a kaleidoscope of colors that stretch across majestic lands, Rue Atelier offers most loved, iconic gowns that feature thoughtfully-curated details bursting with modernity and elegance. Each unique, fashion-forward gown from Rue de Seine embodies the bohemian spirit and sets it apart from the rest of the bridal world. This is the reason for its consistent years-old legacy and reputation of creating gowns that are marvels from afar, and masterpieces up close.

Though your cute smile is enough to make your partner go crazy, you still need a perfect wedding dress to flaunt on your big day to make him fall head over heels in your love all over again. You are going to walk the aisle for only once in your lifetime, draped in that wonderfully candid bridal look. Let no stone be left unturned to make this breathtaking event a beautiful memory for everyone present in the romantic evening. 

Well, out of all the good things that someone suggests to help brides-to-be, the most important aspect among them is to know that this occasion is beautiful and these days are the happiest ones of their life. So, it’s ok to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy the process so that you can make the most of your wedding dress shopping

Envisioning yourself as a bride is a wonderful feeling in itself, plus a thrilling opportunity you have in your life to invest in such an important outfit that you will wear for the most special celebration of your life. So, we want you to enjoy it beyond the nervousness and, most importantly, get it right! And this perfection must not only reflect as you see yourself in the mirror or pose for candid couple portraits. Rather, the sheer satisfaction should come from within your heart. "It's my day and I am looking gorgeous! " 

Ensuring complete support by providing endless bridal outfit options till you say “Yes” to your preferred choice, the Rue de Seine is a savior for all those brides-to-be who believe in bringing out the best to the table for their special day without compromising their unique style!

Rue de Seine- Introduction of the brand

Rue De Seine’s collection is romantic, feminine, and embodies the carefree spirit with the handful of options of flowing silhouettes, bohemian-inspired embroideries and laces, hand crochet gowns, and bold beaded florals on nude fabrics. Simply perfect and close to the visions of any modern New York City bride!

PRICE RANGE: $2,900 – $4,000


Rue de Seine- The Beginning

Based in Paris, the founder and designer of Rue de Seine, Michele Corty was constantly inspired by the effortless bohemian style of Saint-Germain-des-Près and its free-spirited residents. After marrying the love of her life, Michele moved back to New Zealand and started the brand, Rue de Seine, a street humming with creative features, artistic flair, passionate texture, and a desire for creating innovative ideas. Started with a small team of six brainy enthusiasts who worked together for some inspiring pieces of art in a shared studio space, and a boutique in Newmarket, one of the popular wedding gown designers, Rue de Seine has now grown to a big company wholesaling gowns from their Auckland Atelier to over 80 retailers all across the globe.

The Rue de Seine hates to compromise quality over anything. That’s why all production takes place in-house. From the initial concept and lace design to the final outfit, the entire team including the designers, cutters, machinists, and quality controllers work at the Auckland Atelier with the utmost care and love for their craft. Each Rue de Seine wedding gown is cut singularly and is constructed from start to finish by the same seamstress, with the idea to ensure consistency and the highest standards of finishing across every garment. One of the staff illustrated, “Having everything under one roof allows us to share and communicate ideas across all departments, ultimately allowing us to uphold a consistently high standard and create beautifully crafted Rue gowns”.

Every bride has a different story and multiple bridges to cross over the entire life. Imagine you have just started your wedding planning and here is your dream assignment coming at your desk with a close deadline. Obviously, you don’t want to miss any of the special aspects of your life, neither we let you face the same. So, how would you feel if we tell you that your all-time favorite fairytale designer wedding dress can reach you with just a mouse click, that too at an affordable price? Just like your heart has skipped a beat! Of course, the dream of wearing a designer dress is nothing short of being on your first date! You have the same kind of love in your eyes and enough excitement that is causing butterflies in your stomach to come into action. But, yes, designer wedding gowns for sale is a reality now, all thanks to the drastic digital takeover on the wedding industry all over the globe! 

Imagine just sitting at home during the weekend and exploring some brilliant Rue de Seine designer wedding dress options online, with the right size and price tag available to you. For better results, plan a visit to the bridal salon and check if it is a perfect fit. Also, if any other customization options are needed along with the accessories to deck up your entire bridal look! Worth a try instead of giving yourself so much stress for going out to purchase a new dress, that too at a really high price and you never know how much time alterations might take? And on a practical aspect, who won’t love to have a pre-owned bridal gown at their doorstep while there is so much else they need to plan, from choosing a wedding ring to the best-fit honeymoon destination!

As you have started your wedding dress shopping, you might have realized soon that it is always good to have a plan first, that too in small phases! Like for say, you have decided to book your Rue de Seine pre-owned bridal gown by the end of next week. What’s next? You must look for some recent trends and styles that are popular today and then decide which of them suits you best. Also, some knowledge about the fabric is a mandate. Because comfort comes first then the looks! A dress that is looking awesome at the event page of some designer might not be a comfortable piece for your skin or body type! So, take your priorities into consideration before making the final decision for opting for the best-fit Rue de Seine wedding gowns for sale. 

Next, come the wedding dress fitting and the style that it adds to your personality as a bride. You might not love to wear dresses with sleeves but as you have done a little research, you got a heartache knowing that all the dresses are in sleeves! Also, if you try wearing it as all the other brides did the same and frankly, they look adorable. Well, trying for something new is always a learning experience. You never know if taking that risk would be a good chance for you! And even if it turns out a little odd to you, the world is not going to end here, nor the options for you. So, just go ahead by defeating the little monsters in your belly that are putting you in dilemma. You are the only one who can make the best decision for yourself, like choosing the perfect man for you and entering a new chapter of your life. And yeah, you have already crossed that bridge!

Of course, everything happens to you for the first time, like walking the aisle, changing your title, and yes, wearing that wedding gown! So, relax babe. It is the most exciting time of your life and the only thing that you can do is enjoy it. Because, to simplify your wedding dress selection, an amazing range of second-hand Rue de Seine wedding dresses awaits you with open arms. Do not forget to try the exclusive range of accessories that the brand offers along with your Rue de Seine bridal!

Rue de Seine- Range of Collections You’d Love to Wear

Out of all the classy Rue de Seine wedding dresses that Rue de Seine offers to the beautiful brides around, here is a sorted list of some of our favorites. Take a look and find your perfect look for the glam evening-

Nyles Golden Rhapsody Gown

Nyles is the top-cherished golden rhapsody category for the boho romantic brides who want style with simplicity. It features a traditional cornelli lace technique that overlays diagonal lines with organic contouring, carefully placed to curve in all the right places. Adding a pinch of glamor is a structured basque lined in stretch silk that allows straps to be worn on or off the shoulder. A soft train and V back neckline are enough to make it a piece of elegance. Those who wish to add Hara Sleeves can add it accordingly.

East Classic Gown

While selecting the perfect wedding dress for yourself, the only factor that counts is comfort. It is painful to drape a gorgeous dress that is not giving you comfort. One such amazing piece from the Rue de Seine’s wardrobe is the East gown, with a shape that seems like being cut into a halter silhouette, which frames and flatters your shoulders beautifully. The bold detailed twist lace has sinuous curves that cover your body at flattering angles and hug the figure beautifully- enough to make you feel awesome for the entire ceremony! A sienna lining is simply magical with the directional change of the lace for an added grace. As you wear it, the full circle skirt flares out from low hip with plush tassels to highlight the full skirt.

Moonrise Canyon Collection

Rue de Seine owner and designer, Michele Corty, found inspiration for Moonrise Canyon Collection which is a salute to the brides who are wild-at-heart. Inspired from the American wild west, the Michele tried using the cascading fringe details with the finishing of boho lace, romantic embroidery, and western appliques and band work to wedding dresses with sleeves, some with dramatic lace trains, and others still with off-the-shoulder details. Sounds dreamy! Of course, it is. Such a finesse that you will not find anywhere else, featuring styling touches throughout the Rue de Seine Moonrise Canyon lookbook that every eye will be amazed at the first glimpse.

Kyara Blush Gown With Nova Sleeves

If you want to taste the exclusive romantic flair on your romantic wedding day, take the plunge in Kyara dresses styles from Rue de Seine, a structured, silk-lined bodice and deep V neckline contrast with the playful spirit of a flowing A-line skirt and blush tones for a fresh bridal feel. This dreamy gown is being utterly feminine with added blush Nova Sleeves for an effortless transition from ceremony to reception. So, make this complete outfit your perfect choice and grace your wedding with bohemian style.

Reno Wedding Gown

The bold all-over lace pattern of the Reno gown flatters the figure with sinuous curves that graze over the bust and across the hips to give you an amazing overall appearance. Vine motifs frame the back neckline and fall into a floor-sweeping train to sprinkle an added elegance to the dress. Reno wedding style dresses can cater to brides who deserves a fine look with the off white slip option and even add a more dramatic contrast with the sienna. Its best combination is in nude mesh with off-white or sienna slip options.

Rue de Seine- Goals and futuristic vision

Started from a small team size, the Rue de Seine has now grown to over 90 incredibly talented members who work together from the heart to bring the magic to life for every bride. Believing that design is a collaborative art form, the designers of the store work closely with the sampling team to see the spirit of every collection come to life at the expert hands of the atelier’s talented seamstresses. Every lace used in a Rue de Seine dress is designed in-house to keep it exclusive, ensuring Michele and her Design Team continue to create chic Rue de Seine bridal gowns that speak its class. 

So, all the gorgeous ladies out there, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to grab this amazing Rue de Seine pre-owned collection for your special day and let the crowd ask for your bridal portraits for their upcoming wedding!

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