Sarah Seven Wedding Dresses
Sarah Seven

With the belief that it's easy to be chic, Sarah Seven designs assure to offer the alluring best-fit wedding dresses to the stylish brides that embody the simple and minimal spirit which they wish to tie forever to their romantic wedding album!

Sarah Seven Designer Wedding Dresses

With the belief that it's easy to be chic, Sarah Seven designs assure to offer the alluring best-fit wedding dresses to the stylish brides that embody the simple and minimal spirit which they wish to tie forever to their romantic wedding album!

Dreams are the envisions of what you want to achieve in your life, in every aspect of your life. And when it is about your wedding dreams, your envisions surpass anything else. Let it be the royal walk down the aisle amidst the magical ambiance or the charisma floating around when you are seen by your partner during the first look, every moment is iconic that other! But the quintessential thing to strike you the most is the elegant wedding attire that you are going to wear on your big day. Because your wedding is as special as you are, and you deserve to look spotless from every nook and cranny while being the most beautiful lady on the planet that day. 

Since the moment you saw your parents’ wedding photo book, you have been dreaming to look as lovely and elegant as your mother was looking on her special day. And the most promising thing was her stunning all-white wedding dress, which was adding so much grace to her beauty, just the right way. You might not get the same designer to stitch your dress, but the one thing that remains constant for both the times is the splendor and grandeur attached to that dress, which becomes a thousand times more elegant after you put it on yourself. 

So, live that rich essence that showers your personality at Sarah Seven, a sophisticated yet welcoming boutique space in New York, which has been putting all the genuine efforts in rendering the most memorable experience to any bride for her special day! Of course, half of a bride’s glamor comes from her scintillating wedding gown. Rest comes after, from a messy hair bun to the deep winged eyeliner that remains intact even after you hold your happy tears for a while, and that cute smile that showcases all the beautiful emotions you have been storing in your heart, without uttering a single word!

Being too fancy also fades the natural charm. As one said, “there is no match to the natural beauty, especially when you are a bride!” From your unfiltered smile as you see your darling spouse waiting for you at the other side of the aisle just like a kid, who is overly excited to see his favorite toy, to those butterflies in your bellies who turned into huge monsters in action the moment you stand under the flower arch to say those special words to your partner, every moment is special and adds to your beauty. Nothing could be more beautiful than a pretty wedding attire from  Sarah Seven, one of the popular wedding gown designers! Look chic without being overly glam, no matter which kind of dress you pick from the boutique.

Sarah Seven: A bit about Brand

When discussing the popularity, Sarah Seven is a famous wedding dress designer from the beautiful New York city that has been creating one-of-a-kind dresses for the chic, modern city bride who wants to put an effortless romantic wedding day flair to one of the happiest days of her life. 

Sarah Seven’s designer wedding dresses represent a beautiful mix of fitted silhouettes that perfectly flaunt a woman’s curves and flowy skirts. Sarah Seven is known for her high-quality crepes and understated sexy modern silhouettes. The brand is always bringing the wow factor in the most unexpected ways through the finest range of Sarah Seven preowned wedding gowns. 

Sarah Seven: Price Range

A wedding might seem to be an expensive affair but you can manage it smartly with the affordable range of dresses here. The wide range of Sarah Seven wedding dresses can cost you from $2500-4200, depending upon your taste, comfort, and ease of expenses. 

Sarah Seven: How to approach

Book online or call for an appointment to try on Sarah Seven wedding dresses of all sizes and shapes! You can check a few of the options on their website and then contact in person for further details as per your requisites. 

You can also browse through the Borrowing Magnolia website for the most popular pre-owned bridal gowns from Sarah Seven! It may sound weird to you initially but saving at this moment of your wedding planning might help you at the later stage of life. Imagine living all your dreams through picking the best choice from the classy designer wedding gowns to the luxe venue, and as you finish everything and fly for your honeymoon, your conscious mind is calculating all the expenses and thinking about the things you need to put restrictions on for the coming months to manage your finances! 

But why to suffer that much if you can still get the royal feel of wearing your favorite designer wedding gown while spending on affordable second-hand Sarah Seven wedding dresses. Sounds interesting! And do you know what? You also have the option to get some of your wedding expenses recovered through Sarah Seven resale websites.

Sarah Seven: The beginning

After being a part of the design school in Portland before starting the label, the bridal came naturally as the founder lady Sarah started making dresses. She says, “I love creating gowns that are romantic and beautiful without being overwhelming. Over the past few years, a whole new niche has developed in bridal for girls who are looking for something easy and ethereal but still stylish and modern. I have always tried to cater to that bride with my dresses.”

Sarah Seven: A visit to the boutique!

Sarah Seven’s small independent label is sold through many boutiques as well as her flagship stores in Portland and San Francisco. To maintain the class and vibrancy that never fade, Sarah Seven dresses and accessories are made in-house. Just like the exclusive Sarah Seven designer wedding gowns, the showroom in itself is sheer elegance. Mirrored stairs lead down to an intimate showroom with black chalkboard walls where you can think of some creative ideas with your BAE, some antique-style lights to add a pinch of soft glamor to all the designs hanging all over the room, and a vintage sofa to relax before you make a final decision. What else one could ask for to create a perfect mood before they pick the right outfit for their wedding?

So the time has finally come for you to pick the wedding dress of your dreams and make all your visions come true. Your wedding day is a remarkable one and Sarah Seven’s team gives you enough scope to pick the exemplary choices that suit you. As you arrive at their lavish store, you’ll be handed champagne in a coffee mug! That’s all you need to vanish all the thoughts bubbling in your mind, and just focus on one thing- your lovely wedding dress that is going to be a style statement for your big day. As you are indulging in your thoughts, here comes your stylist to chat with you about your style, what you’re looking for, budget, etc. If you don’t want to rely on someone else, taking any of your bridesmaids (someone from your girls’ gang) with you would be great as they know you better than you. Then you can go through the dresses lining the walls that took the center stage and pull some styles together to pick the one pre-owned Sarah Seven’s designer dress!

So many options might confuse you and Sarah Seven understands it well. Unlike hundreds of dresses to weed through, leaving you feeling like you didn’t get a chance to see everything, there are only a few racks of dresses from Sarah Seven wedding gown designs to choose from. 

Fulfilling the wedding dreams of all kinds of brides, Sarah Seven has been leading the panorama of a modern bride who doesn’t need all the fuss for years. If you are also a real-life girl whose keen eye is on a real-life budget and not certainly on the traditional stuffy wedding dress shop, your search ends here at Sarah Seven boutique in New York. So, stop worrying about any rhinestone-encrusted ballgowns and write your fairytale in just your way. 

Looking for the right size? It’s like a cakewalk at Sarah Seven!

Well, when it comes to wedding shopping, every clock of the hour is just awesome. But if you want to remain carefree, it is better to look out for the options 7 to 12 months before your wedding. There will be no rush in picking the best piece to get yourself draped in for your wedding. Sounds exciting!

At Sarah Seven, your experience of buying the best-fit dress is made as effortless as possible. Brides will be overwhelmed to see different dress samples in multiple sizes to give them the best idea of their ideal fit.

If you are curious about how these variations look like, let’s take a sneak peek at the history of Sarah Seven’s brand and know them in detail before you rely on them to be a part of your special celebration. 

Sarah Seven: Collections and Inspirations

If you are short of the ideas about which dress out of a large gamut of Sarah Seven wedding gowns for sale would look the best on you, here are some variations offered to you at the Saran Seven’s outlet-

If you want your wedding gown to treat you smitten in love just as your partner does, try this Eloise gown from none other than the Sarah Seven designer’s box. And as you stand next to your darling spouse wearing this perfect-fit attire, he can’t take his eyes off! What a beautiful start to the vow-exchange ceremony when your partner is already melted under the sophisticated beauty of your flawless bridal look. All thanks to the lovely designer gown by New York baked Sarah Seven. Though Sarah is known for her illusion details through the deep V sides or similar finishes, you can make a few customizations on this dress in terms of the material being used. Pure elegance!

Wearing a glittering Kir gown from Sarah’s store makes you feel like a Hollywood movie star on the red carpet! Adorned with a rare balance of demure in the front and bold in the back, it can be a beautiful option for the brides who wanna try something out-of-the-box other than the basic and traditional whites! The cutout details of the dress make a subtle statement without being too overt, while the high slit in the front makes it easy to walk and dance in!

To get a closer look at a real bride, try envisioning it with a bouquet, earrings, and hair done embellished with a vintage-inspired headpiece or shorter veil. If you have some other ideas, try them on before picking the other Sarah Seven wedding dress choices waiting for you in the queue!

Another shot coming in the row is one of Sarah’s most popular dresses known as the Belmont Dress that makes you feel like Marilyn Monroe. A universally figure-flattering dress, unlike others that hugs in all the right places and defines the waist just the right way. With a gorgeous low back and low side details, your backside looks like a million bucks. And guess what? It is pretty comfy to walk and dance! So, grab this deal and make this dress your perfect partner for the big day celebration in style. 

Have you ever imagined a touch of perfection, sophistication, and glamor, that too wrapped in a simple mood? If yes, the Marin Dress could be the best answer for you. A non-traditional bride won’t ask for anything else in a wedding gown that is the best fit for all kinds of parties, from an elopement to an intimate black-tie soiree. And the major highlight is its low back that is so beautifully squared off. And do you know one secret? If you don’t want to go for a traditional veil, this would be the answer to your sparkling eyes that want nothing but something cool to wear! 

Just the replica of the Eloise Gown, there is one more elegant Sarah Seven wedding gowns design with a different skirt option to offer a unique flair to the brides! The Manhattan Dress might appear to be a cupcake on a fun side, but you won’t believe the magic it offers to you the moment you drape yourself into it! Especially for those who really want to feel like a princess in more of an A-line skirt without feeling ball-gowny. 

Sarah Seven: What’s hidden in the future!

As the entire world has been moving at a rapid pace, the wedding world as a whole does not refrain from this active transformation. It is amazing to know and to see how the weddings of nowadays are being individualized and the brides are being creative with venues, themes, and decor and for other passionate girls or soon-to-be brides, there is a sea of options to draw inspiration from!

And to serve the same to the lovely New York brides, the Sarah Seven brand is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds in the form of several new stores across the country soon.

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