Carol Hannah Wedding Dresses
Carol Hannah

A Carol Hannah wedding dress is for the fashion-forward bride who knows how to have fun!

Carol Hannah Wedding Dresses

A Carol Hannah wedding dress is for the fashion-forward bride who knows how to have fun! An exciting play of textiles with close attention to textile combinations and finding the right fit, a Carol Hannah wedding dress is built to empower and impress our blushing bride! Full of whimsy, fun, and flair, a carol Hannah dress will add the magic to an already magical day!

A wedding day. Aesthetic display of a beautiful love story. No matter how many weddings one gets to witness, it always remains a beautiful experience every time. Every love story is special and unique in its own specific way. It is only natural that every person holds a specific dream for their wedding day. Maybe you want a traditional glam wedding amidst the sweeping fairways of a golf course, or you want a stunning outdoor wedding as the crisp autumn air adds to the ambiance. Maybe you want a fairytale wedding which your 8-year-old version will approve of. Or you want a beach wedding and say the vows as the sun sinks into the horizon. The point is, no matter what your idea of a “perfect wedding” looks like, the dress has a huge role to play in it. It is the dress which adds to the wedding theme and completes the picture. It is the dress which automatically claims attention and takes the center stage. It is the dress which knows how to make an entrance and lets you feel like the prettiest petal in the whole garden! When a sweeping wedding dress that hugs you in all the right places, and makes you feel like royalty is something you can’t put a price on that feeling. This is why so many brides dream about donning their favorite designer dress on their special day. Because it is one day in their life when they can feel like they are the prettiest and happiest and the world is their oyster. Whether you have a boho soul or are a lover of classics, there is a pretty designer dress out there with your name etched on it. Because every girl deserves to look and feel their best on their wedding day, don't they?

If you are the bride who knows her mermaid cut or her trumpet cut and has a strong opinion about the neckline she wants on her dress and how long her train should be, you probably have several sketchbooks filled with preferred designs, a Pinterest board filled with inspiration and a strong taste in designer bridal wear. For the fashionista brides, the name Carol Hannah must not be a new one. Universally known and well-acclaimed for the dreamy whimsical gowns with fluid movement, stunning textile pairings, and gorgeous handwork and detailing, this is a go-to brand for the fashion-forward bride. Bold in her fashion choices and adventurous in her designs, this is a designer who will make dressing up for your wedding day a bag of fun! With special attention to fit, technique, and textiles, this is a design house that knows what they are doing, and does it pretty well! With a dress from the stunning designer Carol Hannah, you are sure to make quite an impact, and your wedding day will be nothing short of perfection. 

Carol Hannah- The Beginning!

Carol Hannah is a gorgeous luxury wedding gown designer with an intimate bridal boutique located in the buzzing heart of New York City. The brand is now celebrating 11 years of being in operation and the story of Carol Hannah’s design house began in 2009 when the first Carol Hannah collection was launched. The namesake designer Carol Hannah Whitfield, aka CH, hails from South Carolina and is a self-taught designer, currently living in NYC. Carol began sewing at the ripe age of seven under her mom's supervision and over the years, her leisurely hobby grew into a profession. She found her home and solace in the folds of bridal dresses and in the sparkle of the embellishment. 

With a nod to in-house production, the full-service Flagship in NYC's garment district functions as both a showroom and manufacturing space, which means the designer sells where they sew! Known for her whimsical and modern wedding dresses with fluid movement, innovative textiles, and unique detailing, each dress is handmade to order by a brilliant team of talented artisans. Couture but highly flexible and inclusive, the designs of Carol Hannah are classic but cutting-edge, specializing in the color, texture, and architectural details. Apart from her bold choices, Carol Hannah also loves the one-on-one personal interactions of bridal designs, and stories that each bride brings in, and the dreams that they nurture. It is that personal touch of the designer which makes designing each bridal gown for an exclusive and intimate affair! From soaking in the vision of the bride, bringing it to live on paper, and piecing it together piece by piece, it is something that CH thrives on!

Carol Hannah- Inspiration and Approach

Every Carol Hannah wedding dress is made in the sparkling city of New York, one at a time, by hand. There is no mass production, and each dress is made with special care, enabling the designer to implement the premium quality techniques, while still allowing immense flexibility in sizing and opportunities. Every piece is made with your proportions in mind, just the way a dress should be made, rather than the other way around. Special care is taken on adhering to the unique timing and preferences. The talented designer draws inspiration from everything, be in the stunning ambiguity of the city of New York, or the gentle touches of nature, the painter’s brush, or a hearsay philosophy. Tangible or ethereal, everything can inspire and help create something beautiful, and Carol Hannah is an example of the same. It is refreshing that the designer is very passionate about dresses, and while selling the dress is part of the deal, they will never compromise on true design and innovation to achieve that.

Carol Hannah-Popular Styles, Collections, and Collaborations

A Carol Hannah dress is like a streak of magic in the middle of the mundane. A designer who is not afraid to have fun with her designs and have an adventure, each piece of work displays just that. When talking about a Carol Hannah design, one can expect to see a lot of billowy fabric, frail tulle, fluid movements, and unexpected details! The airy whimsical gowns are made with special care on textiles, fit, and technique, the three cornerstones of a Carol Hannah design. Blends of best quality silks are sourced and embellishments are embedded with special care so that the fabric looks pretty but feels just as good. The Carol Hannah designs acknowledge that fit is paramount and can make or break a dress, and takes special care with that. Intricate techniques are executed immaculately to ensure perfect results. The attention to detail is reflected perfectly in each of the stunning collections. Each of the gorgeous collections seeks inspiration from the best of nature, art, culture, and more! The Flora Obscura featured intricacies of untamed florals, and the 2020 collection touched upon the lost sculpture garden. The Brushstrokes Collection is, on the other hand, inspired by a painter’s palette, and the shimmering fluid materials and contrasting lines and a sprinkling of colors! The Monarch collection is inspired by the frail airiness of butterflies, the intricacies, and the fluttering movements. Each collection is a story on its own, which stays in line with the whimsical vibe that a Carol Hannah piece promises. 

The Carol Hannah design house also has a sister brand of couture wedding gowns, named Dearheart. For the modern-day Elizabeth Bennets of this world, the Dearheart bride is an old-school romantic beautifully contrasted with an independent mind, strong convictions, and a streak of wanderlust. An equally stunning alter-ego of the brand, this sister brand is about a nod to the past while acknowledging the new and exciting. The collection under Dearheart is full of billowy dresses with sweeping classic cuts with modern textures and interesting romantic details

Carol Hannah -The Takeaway.

A Carol Hannah dress is a work of art, a beautiful mix of materials and display of embellishments and intricate detailing. In addition, a huge selection of bridal wear which starts from about $2500 and can be up to $6500, CH also deals with gorgeous mother-of-the-bride gowns, party, shower, and honeymoon dresses, veils, headpieces, and more! Also, there is complete flexibility in terms of alterations and full customization! The silks are exclusively woven for the brand and the embellishments are developed from scratch, with every bead and stitch drawn by hand. Paramount importance is given to the material and fit, as well as the techniques used to create the masterpieces. Special attention is given to ensure that every dress fits the bride perfectly while still maintaining the carefully designed style lines and the frail and delicate details that make it so special. The thing about Carol Hannah’s designs is that it is apparent that they care about the little details and believe in magic. They are driven by the artistic side of fashion more than the commercial. They just want to dress up the bride in the prettiest dress and make their special day even more so. 

While wedding dresses are all created to be pretty magical, there is something about a designer wedding dress which just stands a little different. Maybe it’s the hours of work which goes into one dress, ensuring every bead, every sparkle, every pleat is just the way it is supposed to be. Maybe it's the materials curated from the best of sources and architecturally designed with the most precise techniques. Maybe it is just the label that goes to show that this dress is special and comes with a legacy with its name. Maybe it's stardust and magic. Maybe it's a combination of some or all of these things! But there is something about a designer dress which makes you instantly feel different. While most brides dream of wearing a designer wedding gown on their wedding day, not all can afford the price tag which accompanies the dress. This is where a pre-loved wedding dress sweeps in and saves the day. Buying a preloved Carol Hannah dress ensures more brides-to-be get access to it in terms of budget. Thanks to second-hand wedding dress resellers, one can now buy a gorgeous designer dress which originally costs $4000 at just $2200! This is almost half off! Not only is preloved kind to the wallet, but it is also better for the planet, which works out quite conveniently. A dress made with such care and quality now doesn’t have to live on in storage and has a chance to shine and swirl again. This reduces carbon footprint and proves to be more eco-friendly than buying fresh off-the-rack. More sustainable ways of shopping for a wedding have been cropping up a lot recently and that just goes to show how modern brides are becoming more eco-conscious, which is always a great thing!

For our budget brides with a knack for a good bargain and an unfaltering taste for fashion, a preloved Carol Hannah dress is the way to go. Still drop-dead gorgeous and waiting to be displayed again, a pre-owned Carol Hannah dress will still satiate your designer tastebuds, without having to compromise on your budget or your moral thread. Meticulously created by the designer with premium fabrics, unmatched skills, and exquisite detailing, a pre-loved designer dress still feels just as special, maybe even more so as it has been through love stories and continues to spread happiness. But it also opens up opportunities for even a budget-conscious bride to take her claim on a designer dress at just a fraction of the price! It makes the dreams of sporting a designer wedding dress come true for many, but you can still do it sustainably, without adding to the landfills of the planet! Having your morals and budget met, while still getting to wear a pretty dress, now that’s where happiness lies!

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