Cielo Wedding Dresses

A calculated mix of elegance and femininity, with a dollop of sophistication and steeped in luxury, the Cielo wedding dresses are crafted with a personal touch and make a bride feel like she is right where she belongs.

Cielo Wedding Dresses

A calculated mix of elegance and femininity, with a dollop of sophistication and steeped in luxury, the Cielo wedding dresses are crafted with a personal touch and make a bride feel like she is right where she belongs. Dreamy laces, luxe silks, and silhouettes that stood the test of time, Cielo is all about taking the best from the past and the current!

Once upon a time, in the middle of a perfectly average day, a miracle happened, and you met the love of your life! Stars aligned, cosmos favored and there was magic in the air, and soon enough, two strangers became lovers! After a magical meet-cute and a movie-like dating history, you both have finally decided it's time to make it official and put a ring on it! With a perfect proposal behind you and a lovely wedding to look forward to, you must be knee-deep in wedding planning! It feels like your wedding day is nearing fast and things are starting to get ticked off of your list. The wedding registry is ready, the caterer is booked, and the wedding venue is locked in for that special day. The flowers are chosen, and your theme is coming together, little by little. Things are starting to come together like pieces of a puzzle, but it is when you get that bridal dress, everything starts feeling real. Picking up the perfect wedding dress is more than just that. It is an emotional moment that is full of pure delight that comes from trying on a dress and the sentiments which underline that you will be getting married in this very dress.

The wedding dress is not just a dress to doll up the bride, but it is hopes and dreams stitched together to form a masterpiece! In its delicate lace lies the romantic dreams of a bride starting her happily ever after, and in the buttery silks lies the crackling excitement of the future and all that it holds! This dress is built of more than just airy fabrics, and embellishments, whimsical tulles, and captivating silks! It holds in its pleats and sparkles the dream of a girl who has been dreaming of this moment forever, and the gentle yearning of a romance worthy of a fairytale love story! The dress reveal is a huge moment on the wedding day. There will be oohs and aahs as you glide down the aisle, there will be cascading lengths behind you as if you belong to the pages of a storybook, and there will be dancing under the chandeliers which are no less than stars! Needless to say, there is a lot of enthusiasm and emotion attached to your wedding dress, so picking the perfect dress is a job that our brides don't take casually! If you are a bride-to-be, looking for that perfect dress to say your vows in, be patient, because it is out there for sure! You want your dream wedding dress to be just like you envisioned, and you will be surprised at how many options you will find once you set out looking for your perfect dress! When it comes to wedding dresses, there are so many silhouettes, styles, materials, and vibes to take your pick from. While the mermaid cut might be just the right pick for some, the next bride might be partial to a silk slip dress instead. While some want a bohemian dress, others will rather walk down the aisle in a sleek jumpsuit! There is no dearth of styles and designs in the market, and you, like every bride out there, will find your perfect match too!

Most will say the perfect dress doesn't exist, as the wearer makes the dress perfect, and we do agree! As long as the dress fits and makes you feel like the prettiest girl on the planet, it is a good choice. Whether it is from the thrift store or a high-end designer showroom, it will be perfect as long as it makes you feel something! On the other hand, if you are a fashion-conscious bride who knows exactly what she wants, and has a distinct opinion, buying a designer dress for your special day is something you won't regret doing! If you know your Vera from Herrara and have done intensive research on leading bridal designers for a while now, and probably have your bridal dress sketched and ready since you were 12, wearing a beautiful wedding dress on your wedding day might be a dream you have been sustaining for a while now. We promise it will be as much of a magical experience as you imagined when you slip into a designer dress from your favorite designer! Cielo is a pre-eminent name in bridal fashion and has dressed many lovely brides and essentially made their special day better! This is a design house that is known for its elegant and timeless pieces with romantic details and immaculate attention to detail. Each Cielo gown is unique and made with exceptional care to make one's special day even more so!

Cielo - Inspiration & Approach

Cielo is classically elegant, with a harmonious mix of luxury and contemporary. The inspirations for the brand seem to be collected from all around, whether it is the classic silhouettes and delicate craftsmanship of the sepia-hued yesteryears, to the modern fluidity and subtle femininity which modern woman is all about. More so than a set approach and derived inspiration, the Cielo designs are more about the women themselves. The kind of woman who is a little bit of everything, without belonging to a set time or space! 

Cielo - Popular Styles, Collections & Collaborations

Ageless romance with the right mix of elegance and modern touch is what a Cielo dress is all about! The popular styles in this designer name include fluid and feminine silhouettes, exquisite lacework, buttery silks, and thoughtful details. Whether it is a billowy ball gown or a figure-hugging classy trumpet cut dress with a cascading train, every piece by this design house is meant to make the bride feel like they are living their best fairytale moment!

Cielo - The Takeaway

A Cielo wedding dress is a well-orchestrated blend of sophistication and contemporary luxury, leading to a dress that goes flawlessly with the life of a modern woman with a taste for luxury. There is something easy yet luxurious about each of these dresses, which makes them instantly mesmerizing. Chic, elegant, and steeped in luxury, these are results of nuanced details that are excellent for a bride with a finer taste. Offering an exquisite range of elegant wedding gowns with yards of pretty fabrics and delicate embellishments, Cielo is all about mixing contemporary designs with the tasteful touch of timeless luxury, and romanticism, resulting in dresses that pledge to take your breath away. Working with decadent laces, exceptional craftsmanship, and unparalleled skills, these dresses are made for the Cielo bride - a woman who is full of confidence and elegance, but still appreciates the classic cuts and finer details of yesteryears! She is a woman who knows what she wants and deserves nothing but the finest for her special day!


Wedding dresses hold more power and magic than any other dress that you will ever wear in your life. It is the dress you will live your dream wedding in. It is the dress you will make a forever promise in. A dress that your sweetheart is waiting to see you in. That glint in his eyes when he first sees you alone is worth it all! While all wedding dresses are designed to add magic to your wedding day, there is something special about a designer wedding dress that has a charm of its own. Maybe it's the knowledge that a group of people worked hard on this piece of attire, seeking the finest of materials and using the best of technique and skill. Maybe it is a representation of a well-acknowledged designer brand that might have something to do with the allure of a designer dress. But as soon as you zip up that dress, there is something that makes you feel pretty exceptional. While designer dresses are coveted by many and there are only a privileged few who can achieve this privilege, firstly these wedding gowns are not mass-produced and secondly, they can be a bit too pricey for a bride on a budget. This is why a pre-loved wedding dress is such an intelligent and welcome concept. Buying a pre-loved Cielo dress allows more brides-to-be to get admittance to it, as the price is slashed down significantly. There is no doubt that a truly fashion-forward bride will not care so much about a designer dress being pre-owned, but will rather be gladdened that she got her dream dress for such a deal. Second-hand designer dresses permit a bride to get that designer label without having to use their entire salary on a dress. This way, a bride-to-be can buy a designer dress from the designer of their liking, at a fraction of the price it is retailed for! Not only is it easier on the pocket, but it is still a designer dress and scores major points in the sustainability sphere too. A dress is already made with the most delicate of materials and even finer talents at work, and it truly deserves a few more happy brides, chandelier lights, and raised toasts than one to have completed its lifetime thoroughly. It reduces the carbon footprint on our planet and presents a more eco-friendly lifestyle, which is a tremendous win in itself!


It is no news that weddings don't come cheap and wedding dresses are expensive, and most brides don’t want to spend a huge chunk of money on a dress which they will maybe wear once, even though it has all of their heart! This is why most brides tuck away the dreams of wearing their dream dress in the remotest corner of their thoughts. However, all of this shifted after second-hand wedding dresses came into the picture, and suddenly, the world is your oyster! While it might not seem like that, we can all use a reminder that high fashion doesn't have to come with a steep price tag, and who knows it better than our budget brides and fashionistas who don't like to spend a ton of money? With the thrill of finding a good bargain and exceptional taste for fashion, a pre-owned Cielo wedding dress is just the ideal sweet spot you are looking for. Delivering to starry-eyed brides a range of stunning wedding dresses with unmatched quality fabrics, the most intricate embellishments, and exceptional cuts, a second-hand Cielo wedding dress will guarantee that you feel like royalty without having to pay like one! While it is a middle-range designer dress, a preowned Ceilo dress can be found at the fraction of the price online, making it at par with a regular dress from the mall, while still having all the designer quality! Investing in a second-hand wedding dress grants the used designer wedding dress a new lease of life, allowing the gown to breathe and experience happy moments again, sway to the romantic music, and sparkle and shine with renewed energy all over again.


Second-hand wedding dresses are revolutionary as it allows clothes to be appreciated with replenished excitement and lets it be celebrated as intended by the designers who put so much love and effort into it, rather than being used like it's disposable. It is unbearable to think that a piece of clothing designed with so much care and pieced together with so much detailing gets to have just one memorable day to stay locked away in dark closets forever! Buying pre-owned encourages you to love a piece of clothing with a fresh perspective, even when it is already loved once, and pass it on for more brides to enjoy. Not only is it a flawless design overall, it lets fashion-loving brides get their dream dress for a portion of the price, like a Cielo wedding gown for sale, and also preserves the planet along the way! Second-hand wedding gowns like Cielo's preowned wedding dress have not only inspired a revolution in the sustainable fashion industry, but it has also transformed the carbon footprint in the clothing industry as a whole. Along the way, it has also revived the delicate hopes of a bride who wants to display a beautiful designer dress on her special day. There is no doubt that it is sustainably better and financially smart, but you still get to look like a dream, something that all brides privately want! And that gorgeous designer dress can be handed down again to family or online to the next bride to enjoy!


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