Flora Wedding Dresses

Flora Bridal wedding gowns are different, utterly fashionable, complimentary to the body, and moreover, they celebrate feminine curves while making the bride feel comfortable and luxurious on her wedding day!

Flora Wedding Dresses

Flora Bridal wedding gowns are different, utterly fashionable, complimentary to the body, and moreover, they celebrate feminine curves while making the bride feel comfortable and luxurious on her wedding day! Brides wearing wedding dresses by Flora on their wedding day will always make a remarkable impression throughout the celebration! 

This new year has proved that wedding celebrations are not only just about finding that perfect designer wedding dress but are majorly about the trending fashion that is sweeping our all soon-to-be-brides away. Fashion for the aisle is now even more focused on personal style and versatility, as the bridal look that the bride has always dreamed of since she was daddy’s little girl needs to come true. Every bride wants her wedding day look to be the trendsetter for all the brides-to-be in the coming future! What was once all about the wedding ceremony and food has now become about the wedding dress of the bride. Therefore, it’s kind of overwhelming for a bride to find that ideal and flawless wedding dress to ease out maximum wedding planning stress. Once a bride is all set with her wedding dress the rest of things will fall into place. But before a soon-to-be bride with her family heads out for her wedding dress shopping she needs to make a checklist of all the details she will be looking forward to in her wedding dress along with some names of the popular wedding dress designers. In case you are a bride who is looking for a designer wedding dress that radiates the perfect combination of classic and modernity along with nobility, and all this with high quality and comfort, then we just wanna tell you that Flora Bride is the brand for you! This is the only brand that will not only meet your expectations when it comes to finding an enacting and stunning wedding dress but will surely exceed it as well! 

Each and every wedding dress designed by the designers at the Floral Bride has its own unique and romantic story. Each Flora Bride designer dress is different from the other one. The wedding dresses at Floral Bride are amazingly stylish and glam and hold the potential to bring out the best of every bride on her wedding day! Whether you are a curvy bride or a bride with a well-toned figure, we can assure you that you will find your perfect wedding dress fit with the Floral bridal collections! 

Effortlessly sexy and impossibly romantic are the two best adjectives that we have found in our book to describe the Flora bridal wedding dresses. Wedding dresses by Floral Bride are always breathtaking, stunning, and gorgeous than any other designer’s creation! Rinat Asher, the designer, and owner of this luxurious wedding dress brand is considered one of the hottest designers in bridal couture, as she and her team have mastered the skill of capturing the spirit of now better than any other wedding dress designers out there in the market! Floral bridal never fails to highlight the true essence of a bride’s inner beauty. 

Floral Bride: Where it all began?

Founded in 2010 by incredibly creative and talented designer Rinat Asher, Flora Bride is an Israelian wedding dress brand known for producing out-of-the-world wedding dresses all across the globe. Emitting luxury, glam, and style in abundance, Flora bridal gowns are a perfect fit for our modern-day brides. Each wedding dress designed at Flora Bride is truly a unique and elegant masterpiece and designed to make every bride feel stylish, beautiful, and confident on her wedding day

We definitely have heard and talked about how amazing wedding dress designers from Israel such as Inbal Dror, Zahavit Tsuba, and Berta to name just a few are leaving their mark in the wedding dress designing industry. Known for their sexy, and show-stopping wedding gowns, this Haifa-based Flora bridal brand is joining the ranks with their collection of stunning beauties! Gracefully settled in Northern Israel, in a historic, French-style building in a beautiful city, Flora lends itself to the nostalgic, luxurious, and graceful designs, wedding dresses designed at Flora Bridal are one-of-a-kind! 

Rinat Asher, the lead designer at Flora Bride creates each wedding dress to tell a story, majorly inspired by the roaring 1920s in Europe. With impeccable workmanship, stunning and exquisite materials, and the most delicate and intricate embroidery and beading, each wedding dress at Flora bridal house is undoubtedly a work of art and dedication! Designer Rinat Asher makes sure that each wedding dress design is unique and makes a bride comfortable throughout her wedding day. And hence, all the fabrics that are used in creating those beautiful and stunning masterpieces are imported mainly from Europe. The laces for the wedding dress are picked based entirely on uniqueness and authenticity. Designer Rinat Asher flawlessly blends layers of carefully designed fabrics with enchanting laces and embroideries to bring the true essence of vintage charm to all wedding dresses! The average price of Flora bride wedding dresses ranges from $3,700 to $6,000.

You can easily find Flora Bride wedding dresses for yourself and your bridal party at great prices and a variety of other new and preowned wedding dresses on sale at Borrowing Magnolia. This amazing and convenient website features endless second-hand wedding dresses by Flora Bride along with other world-famous wedding dress designers! Each wedding gown designed at the Flora bridal house is handcrafted with the most exquisite beading and the softest textiles, offering every bride out there a tailored couture polish and shine! 

From modern to boho, brides will have a vast variety of options to choose from. Sexy, stylish, and sophisticated, every wedding dress at Flora Bride will be worn by brides who are fashion-forward, confident, and modern, but yet hopelessly romantic at heart! 

In the last 4 years, the Flora bridal brand has expanded outside the borders of Israel and all the luxury wedding dresses are sold at top quality stores worldwide

Flora Bridal- Collections & Inspiration

Designer Rinat Asher has a very ‘French’ way of doing everything at Flora Bride. She keeps things very simple and subtle but at the same time sophisticated and classy! She has been blessed with creative skills since she was a kid. The design is really a part of her DNA as she has designed her studio and her house all by herself! 

When asked in an interview, Rinat mentioned that her biggest inspiration is her brides. She does a lot of traveling (of course for work purposes) and she often finds herself personally following some brides! She believes that every bride is different and unique in her own way. They all represent a small universe and by talking to all those brides, the best, most amazing, and creative ideas get born of their needs! 

Talking about inspirations there is not only one source of inspiration for Rinat. Flora Bride's first source of inspiration is the brides all across the world. Though, there is a second source of inspiration too. For Rinat and all her creative designs, the second source of inspiration is lace. She chooses the laces that will go on a wedding dress all by herself and very carefully! And then with utmost attention and care, she cuts them and models them on the mannequin to bring her ideas and thoughts into a beautiful and graceful wedding dress. Rinat believes that everything comes almost naturally from fabrics. As already mentioned above, Rinat gets her fabric majorly from Europe. Though if by any chance she cannot find the lace which she is looking for, she will compose it by herself and have it manufactured exclusively for her! And this is the only reason Flora wedding dresses are truly unique pieces and are considered as the work of dedicated art! 

Talking about the collection of wedding dresses by Flora Bride, before creating any collections she majorly thinks of four different types of women, so that she and her designer team can satisfy the needs of each of them and even exceed their expectations. Wedding dress designers at Flora Bride always try to create an ambiance of mystery around the bride. Flora Bride wedding dresses are intriguing, as they are always sexy, but never too disruptive! Rinat also mentioned that at times it gets difficult to maintain the balance between sexy and classy, but anyhow they have always successfully been able to set them apart from other designer wedding dresses. 

The brand Flora Bride holds a very influential and unique identity. Rinat’s dresses speak a lot about her signature. She is the lady who is all in and is head over heels in love with the details such as the transparencies, the impalpable tulle, and the winking ramage! Every work on the wedding dress at Flora Bride is handwork. Rinat makes a careful selection of the laces and despite being able to dress both the sexiest woman and the most romantic woman, it’s kind of an easy task to recognize her style! She gracefully and effortlessly created her own unique style over time. She firmly believes that little by little the brand will change with her! 

Flora bridal wear is famous all over the world. They showcase the style of the moment, and are full of character, and flaunt a bit of mystery. The collection of wedding dresses that a bride will find at the Flora bridal house emanates romance in boundless ways. The wedding dresses are surely gritty yet they speak of elegance and are modern too. They are sensual but sweet too! Some of the Flora wedding dresses emit the charm of new glam, while others speak of modern boho, anyhow the result in both cases will be that the bride will get a wedding dress that would be a stunner for their beauty, attention to detail, and precious finishes! In short, a bride wearing Flora Bride on her wedding day will look nothing but an epitome of elegance, sophistication, and grace! 

Every year the wedding dress collection produced by Rinat and her designers at Flora bridal house makes the headlines and stays there for a while. Flora Bridal 2021 Spring Collection known as ‘The Enchanting Collection’ proudly and gracefully glorifies the sexy and eye-catching feminine curves while making every bride feel satisfactory and fascinating on her wedding day! All the modern-day brides who are looking for the latest wedding dress trends should closely follow The Enchanting Collection, as it really has amazing and outlandish designs making a remarkable statement! 

Even the bridal collection that was launched by Flora Bride in 2020 was nothing but breathtaking and alluring. The wedding dress collection launched by Flora Bride in 2020 was called ‘Whispers’. The Whisper Collection by Flora offered a perfect fusion of structured minimalism with playful boho romance. The wavy puff sleeves, sultry open backs, attractive fancy details, and comprehensive needlework, and stunning openwork laces are just some of the interesting elements that made the Flora Bridal 2020 collection so strikingly chic. 2020 Flora Bridal Collection or we say The Whisper Collection by Flora Bride was a fantastic and fabulous option for all the modern brides who are looking for something elegantly unique! 

Flora wedding dresses have always made us believe that glamor and romance perfectly go well together! And, the 2019 bridal collection of Flora Bride - Siren of the Desert, made us believe in that. Siren of the Desert Bridal Collection featured wedding dresses varying from modern lace sheaths and remarkable vintage-inspired wedding gowns with the beaded bodice to more delicate looks with touchy straps and dotted tulle ties! The bridal collection featured in 2019 was the actual definition of dreamy! 

Flora bridal brand also features a stunning and gorgeous lingerie line so that brides on their wedding day feel comfortable inside out. Second Skin by Flora Bridal offers a whimsical lingerie collection that offers a great feeling to a bride of being beautiful and desirable needs to go after the wedding day, the honeymoon, and day-to-day life! 

In short, the wedding dresses designed at the Flora bridal house are too gorgeous to resist for any bride, so she has to add them to her repertoire. Not only do they offer a fine fit like a dream, but they are also made with the lightest weight silks, laces, and beading that move as effortlessly as a bride should on her wedding day! All the wedding dresses designed under the Flora bridal brand are perfect, sexy, and bohemian while remaining timeless and classic!

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