Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dresses
Oscar de la Renta

Pre-eminent fashion designer Oscar de la Renta's forte was eveningwear, though he also was known for chic daytime suits and ready-to-wear clothing favored by the modern stylish, and elegant women who love to rub elbows with their friends at a chic restaurant.

Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dresses

Pre-eminent fashion designer Oscar de la Renta's forte was eveningwear, though he also was known for chic daytime suits and ready-to-wear clothing favored by the modern stylish, and elegant women who love to rub elbows with their friends at a chic restaurant. His signature style screams voluminous skirts, exquisite embroideries, and rich colors. Brides-to-be have been navigating toward the Oscar de la Renta style for years. Oscar de la Renta collections are synonymous with sophisticated elegance. Oscar de la Renta collection is a blend of European luxury with American ease. Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses are a piece of art translated from the designer's love for vibrant colors, forms, and fabrics that can be worn. Traditional or modern, Oscar’s bride is confident in herself and her style, no matter what they choose to wear on their special day.

Finding the person who's right for you requires very subtle alchemy and so is with finding the person who’s perfect to dress you up for the most important occasion of your life-your wedding. And one of the most celebrated and most popular wedding gown designers, Oscar de la Renta reminds us that a woman is the most beautiful creation of God and therefore she deserves to be embellished with something that can not only complement her beauty and shape. The moment you will slip into an Oscar de la Renta gown, you would know that!

Oscar Aristides Ortiz de la Renta Fiallo, in short Oscar de la Renta (born July 22, 1932, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic—died October 20, 2014, Kent, Connecticut, U.S.), Dominican-born American fashion designer whose work helped define standards of elegant dressing among socialites, U.S. first ladies, and red-carpet celebrities during his tenure of about 50 years.

Oscar de la Renta: American Icon

Renta Dominican Boren Oscar de la Renta was one of the first American fashion designers to mass-market his products. Today his label is found on over 80 different items, everything from high fashioned to household linens, sunglasses, umbrellas, and even the National Boy Scout uniform. For over 82 years, Oscar de la Renta helped make women like Jackie Kennedy and Jennifer Lawrence become style icons. He always said that- his role as a designer to bear to do the very best he could for a woman to make her feel her very best.

Born to Puerto Rican father Óscar Avelino de la Renta and a Dominican mother Maria Antonia Fiallo, Oscar de la Renta is a fashion designer who will be remembered until the fashion industry doesn’t take its last breath. He is an internationally recognized fashion designer, known for his opulent creations of exotic high fashion for women. Although de la Renta has toned down his offerings to appeal to the more practical needs of working women, he continues to be the designer of choice for the rich and famous, including first ladies Nancy ReaganHillary Clinton, and Laura Bush. His innate sense of color, material, and style, combined with his business savvy, have created a fashion dynasty that few in the industry can match.

Oscar de la Renta: From painter to designer

De la Renta was the grandson of the constitutional Ponce’s mayor but Oscar’s artistic mind was probably a gift from his maternal side as people from his strict yet doting mother’s family belonged to an array of prestigious and artistic fields. The story of this world-renowned designer's life, career, and impact on the fashion world would be told and heard for many many years through his own, original designs and exhibits featuring his iconic creations. De la Renta’s childhood was spent in the protective circumference of seven women- his mother and six sisters. While his father was hoping that his only son would someday take over the family's successful insurance business, de la Renta was weaving the dreams of becoming an unforgettable painter. Despite his father's disapproval, after graduating from Escuela Normal in 1950, Oscar de la Renta enrolled in Santo Domingo's National School of Art.

When de la Renta was just 17, he held a one-man show. After staying at the National School of Art (1950-52) for a year he moved to Madrid, Spain, and continued his studies at the San Fernando Art School (1953-55). After his mother's death (when he was 19), his father’s refusal to pay his tuition fees de la Renta turned to fashion, and his newly discovered aptitude for fashion paid him well. Eighteen years old, de la Renta started supporting himself by selling sketches to fashion magazines. He later told the Hispanic magazine, "If I would have told my father I wanted to be a fashion designer, probably he would have dropped dead right there on the spot." His original dress designs impressed Mrs. John Lodge, the wife of Spain's U.S. ambassador, and got him an assignment charged to design a debutante gown for Lodge’s daughter, Beatrice. When Beatrice appeared on the cover of Life magazine wearing In 1949, he decided to change his route from painting to fashion designing. 

Oscar de la Renta: Career at one fell swoop

For Oscar, 1949 began with ditching his painting obsession to become a design apprentice to noted Spanish couturier, Cristóbal Balenciaga. After working as an assistant designer to Antonio Castillo, Lanvin-Castillo, Paris for two years (1961-63) and as a designer for Elizabeth Arden couture, New York for two years 1963-65 again, he joined Jane Derby Inc. as a partner and designer (1965-69). His milestones read Oscar de la Renta Couture, Oscar de la Renta II, de la Renta Furs and Jewelry, and Oscar de la Renta Ltd. (designer/CEO, 1973), de la Renta specialty shop, Santo Domingo (owner, 1968). And in 1993, the designer produced a couture collection for Pierre Balmain, France.

Today, you will find couture and ready-to-wear apparel for men and women, all designed by the late designer's namesake firm. While it licenses its name for a number of products, including jewelry, eyewear, lingerie, home furnishings, luggage, swimwear, fragrance, and furs, there are other collections that are made by the company but are sold under the OSCAR by Oscar de la Renta and Pink Label brands (the latter licensed to apparel marketer Kellwood). Oscar de la Renta products can be found in upscale department stores and specialty shops worldwide. Its apparel is produced in the US and Italy. Dominican Republic-born designer Oscar de la Renta established the company in 1966 with his partner Ben Shaw’s son Gerald who is no more amongst us as well. 

He bagged various awards throughout his tenure- Coty American Fashion Critics' Winnie Award, New York, 1967 and 1968; Neiman-Marcus Award, New York, 1968; Golden Tiberius Award, 1969; American Printed Fabrics Council Award, New York, 1971; Coty Hall of Fame Award, 1973; Fragrance Foundation Award, New York, 1978; Caballero of the Order of San Pablo Duarte, and Gran Commandant of the Order of Cristobal Colon, Dominican Republic, 1972. Jack Dempsey Award for humanitarian efforts, 1988; Lifetime Achievement Award; Council of Fashion Designers of America, 1990; Designer of the Year, Council of Fashion Designers of America, 2000. In 1967, the same year in which he received his first Coty American Fashion Critics Award, de la Renta tied the knot with Françoise de la Langlade, editor-in-chief of French Vogue magazine, who took his career to new heights by bringing valuable publicity, and comments on his designs and those who had been seen wearing his clothing began to appear in the society columns. This added to de la Renta's name recognition and to the halo of his signature style.

Design Specifications: Five Decades of Style

Since he headed to New York City at the age of 30, Oscar de la Renta’s every step took him to the world where he came to be known as an ambassador for American fashion. 1992 witnessed the commissioning of an American designer by French haute couture (Pierre Balmain) first time. Inspiring myriad international trends, the designer had a well-traveled international fashion ancestry before establishing his own label business. Oscar de la Renta zeroed in on plain shapes and silhouettes to form dramatic and flashy statements. Viewing these collections can be a nostalgic trip reminding people of the more frank and better times. During the 1960s, his clothes were intricate and waggish caricatures of experimental street fashion- jackets and coats of bandanna-printed denimembroidered hot pants under silk minidresses, or caftans made out of silk chiffon and psychedelic silk sarees. He played a pivotal role in initiating the ethnic fashion of the 1970s with gypsy and Russian fashion themes integrating fringed shawls, boleros, peasant blouses, and full skirts. In the 1990s de la Renta was already famous for his romantic evening clothes, glamorous, sophisticated, and made from richly sumptuous fabrics such as brocade, transparent chiffon, fox fur, ermine, and embroidered faille.

With an innate feeling for women's femininity, he established fashion classics, such as variations of his portrait dresses in taffeta, chiffon, or velvet with ruffled necklines or cuffs, or his ornate luncheon suits, embroidered in costume jewelry and gold. Since founding his own company in 1967 to produce luxury women's ready-to-wear, de la Renta expanded to create jewelry, household linens, menswear, and perfumes. These products are selling all over Europe, Asia, and South and North America.

Collections & inspiration

Established in New York City in 1965, Oscar de la Renta is one of the world's leading luxury brands. In New York, de la Renta continued to redefine American elegance with his infamous womenswear line, Signature; the couture line, Studio; his ready-to-wear collection, and a range of sophisticated dresses and suits known as Miss. When in 2001 a signature line of accessories by de la Renta made its debut on the New York fashion scene, the designer explained the forces that influenced his design and sensibility- as "From my island side comes my love for the exotic, for color and light. From my Spanish side comes my love of gypsies and bullfighters". And indeed, the new line of accessories- bags and shoes, boots and belts- repeats motifs familiar in de la Renta's earliest designs. The drama and sexiness of high fashion are not ignored even in the simplest accessory. There is, after 36 years of design, a kind of rebirth for de la Renta in his accessories collection: "As clothes become more minimalist, you can tell who a woman really is by her accessories." And de la Renta's signature formula of casual, feminine, graceful, and comfortable yet elegant dresses prevails. If a design itself is very simple, then the materials used are affluent. Utilitarian boots, for example, take on an entirely new status with heavy embroidery. If a particular design is complicated, then de la Renta edits the colors or the fabrics to produce a consistently wearable and classic line of clothing and accessories.

In 2001 de la Renta launched a fall collection for Balmain combining his love of the ethnic influence (Spanish-Russian) with hot colors and sleek sophisticated styling. Oscar de la Renta continues to be a major presence in the contemporary fashionable world.

Responsible for popularizing Ikat, our innovative designer Oscar de la Renta showed us how modern materials like plastic and sequins could turn a plain hand-woven textile (from Uzbekistan) that looks almost like a blurred print into a work of art when stoned in such a way to look almost like a computer chip fashion. How could a modern woman not fall in love with something that’s not just a dress but a dream come true! His connection to the modern idea of computer technology resulted in the clothes that showcased its multiple dimensions to them just like Mr. de la Renta.

Recent Additions to the Industry

Whether you are a Disney-obsessed bride who wants to feel like royalty on your wedding day or a modern bride wanting that structured, sleek, and contemporary look for your ‘I do’ moment. Isn’t it all about the dress, you have been dreaming to slip into since you were a little girl probably? While there are Oscar de la Renta brides who love the effortless feel of beach wedding dresses, there are others who admire poofy skirts, vintage lace, and swishing long trains with swaying veils. The beauty of classic Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses, especially modern bridal gowns, feature vintage-inspired lace with a sleek appeal that's unlike anything else

Bridal Collection Fall 2020: A collection that appeals to every bride from uptown to downtown boasts a sense of romance that remains the underlying thread. If you are a traditional bride, the Taffeta and silk-faille gowns that boast dramatic portions, delicate lace, and gorgeous floral embroidery (done by hand), will take your breath away. However, modern brides would love lingerie-inspired boning, something blue, and flirty mini dresses that look perfect for a reception ceremony. And the cherry on the top is versatility in wedding dresses. You could personalize any dress using accouterments such as a detachable skirt, bridal blazer, or through a custom design process with the house’s bridal specialists.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2020 Bridal Collection: The Spring 2020 bridal collection features a gamut of designs that ditch convention to embrace modernity. The dress of your dreams may be a ballgown cut from sheer tulle, have a short skirt with artful draping, or it may not be a dress at all but instead a dramatic bustier top and tailored pants. A sense of enchantment, romance, and craftsmanship remain – evident in every piece from the most minimal draped column silhouette to a Chantilly lace gown with 310 hours of three-dimensional embroidery work.

Oscar de la Renta wedding gowns are the epitome of a modern and carefree bride and will make them feel royal and elegant. Curve-hugging silhouettes, understated design, and feminine flourishes come together to create the ultimate modern wedding dresses. Whether your wedding will be celebrated under the stars on a city rooftop or in the garden surrounded by delicate spring blooms, these simple, elegant Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses are the perfect option for both a modern bride and boho bride. And, of course, don’t forget the accessorize your wedding dress! Accessories like headband add an extra element of glamor to your modern wedding look when paired with simple wedding dresses!

Oscar de la Renta Resale

The bridal gown is one of the most important and precious dresses you would ever buy for yourself. It represents your love, personality, and attitude. Oscar de la Renta creates a gown that will put a scintillating smile on your face. Not only is his gown designed to reflect a bride’s style but also its every last detail is thought through, down to the tiniest bead or button. It is these intricate details that are going to give you an unparalleled wedding day look and make you feel special when you are surrounded by your loved ones. Oscar de la Renta wedding gowns, be it fresh from the rack or some bride’s wardrobe, bring edge, sophistication, and a red carpet look on your wedding day. Whether it’s your generous wedding budget or eco-friendly heart, we love you for choosing to buy preloved Oscar de la Renta preowned wedding gowns. And we love you more when you list it on a second-hand wedding dress website to provide similar joy and satisfaction to other budget-savvy brides or earth-conscious soon-to-be brides who are seeking their dream wedding gown without breaking the bank or hurting the mother earth. Loving nothing more than dressing brides in the very finest, Oscar de la Renta has become an internationally celebrated designer brand. The second-hand Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses will not only give you a strong sense of your femininity but will also add an extra glow to your wedding look that only comes from saving a handsome sum of money. Allow Borrowing Magnolia to help you shop your dream preloved Oscar de la Renta bridal dresses and make your online dress shopping experience flawless and smooth. Be it fresh out of the oven or used Oscar de la Renta wedding gowns for sale, they will do perfect justice to your dramaticwhimsicalromantic, or glamorous wedding look as his creations remain timeless, fashion-forward, and sophisticated no matter when the owner bride slipped into it before listing it on a used wedding dress website to sell. Also, if you are looking to walk down the aisle as a stand-out bride, you would want to go through these wedding dress inspiration for alternative brides. Whether you wish to buy a designer preowned bridal gown or bridesmaids dress or interested in just selling your bridal dress, Borrowing Magnolia is the right place for you. Speed up your wedding dress selling with these tips. You may click here to familiarize yourself with the listing process on Borrowing Magnolia’s website.

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