Vera Wang Wedding Dresses
Vera Wang

Vera Wang’s designer bridal collections call for precise and original wedding dresses for the chic brides in the town.

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

Vera Wang’s designer bridal collections call for precise and original wedding dresses for the chic brides in the town. Depicting a rich fashion statement and a signature that makes her one of the stars' favorite bridal designers, Vera Wang has a lot more in the bucket list for the future brides who won't be settling down for anything less than perfect!

Getting married to the love of your life, that too in a fairytale wedding attire is not only your dream. Each loved one of yours who is attached to you with pure love will be more than happy to see you dressed as a beautiful bride, stepping into a beautiful phase of your life. While your family who has seen you playing with dolls would be overwhelmed to see that little angel turned into an elegant, flawless bride, your besties would be nostalgic about all the fun you had in your bachelor life. From the moment you both become spouses, life would certainly start treating you differently! But the only thing you can do now is- make every moment special enough, and it starts nowhere else but from wedding shopping that might be the first to-do in your wedding planning or bridal checklist!

An ultimate bridal experience begins with the wedding dress that you wear to embark on a beautiful journey with your favorite person on this planet. Of course, you would be wondering- “Did I pick the right dress?” even when all the eyes would be on you while walking down the aisle. And this craving for perfection inevitably leads to stress.

But, you certainly won’t need to think much if you are a New York City bride! Regardless to say, “the Big Apple” has so much beauty waiting for you as you roam around, and getting married here is more like a royal affair in a wonderland. And when it comes to picking the small details about your wedding, New York is an epitome of fashion! One such leading name in creating style statements is Vera Wang, one of the most prominent bridal wear designers in America with ready-to-wear collections resonating with her signature layering, intricate draping, and exquisite attention to detail.

Well, the initial level of your search for the best-fit wedding dress might end at looking over pictures of the latest bridal fashions and designer wedding dresses while continuing wedding planning, it is just the tip of the iceberg! And as you swim in the sea, it’s as overwhelming yet exciting as finding the right pearl. Just like finding the perfect partner for you! 

Well, there are a million ways to find "the one" dress that's right for you, the easiest one is to visit any inviting store full of the Vera Wang collections in New York. As you enter Vera Wang’s store, it welcomes you with plentiful dresses hanging around, from short to long, laced or floral-pattern ones, every dress has its own flair, and creative flair to add vibrance to your overall personality for your big day. 

Caution! It’s really important to remember that while there are hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful wedding dresses waiting to hug you, not every bridal gown is made for you! If you look and feel great in the wedding dress you bought, feel comfortable in that decision. Because there is no one but you who you should treat on priority. 

Vera Wang- The Beginning as the Style Statement

Vera Wang is a native New Yorker who spent her career at the forefront of fashion and called for a sweeping makeover of the bridal industry in 1990 when her flagship salon opened at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City. Today, the salon continues to showcase an interesting collection known for sophisticated drama, feminine detailing, and a modern approach to bridal design.

Vera Wang is a star of celebrity weddings that have been giving inspiration and fresh ideas to the brides of today. From working passionately as a senior fashion editor at Vogue for 15 years and then a design director for Ralph Lauren, she designed her own wedding dress that gives her a hint of opening a bridal boutique, and soon she came up with her own signature collection. As she said, “It just had not evolved. I realized that I could make an impression in terms of changing and readdressing the whole industry of bridal.”

Now famous among the locals with tons of love, she has a large Hollywood following! Endless celebrities would get married in a Vera Wang wedding dress, including Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, and Mariah Carey. She began the charisma by making custom special-occasion gowns for many society women and a few actresses. Finally, in 2000, she introduced a ready-to-wear collection with an enthusiasm for couture fashion. The Council of Fashion Designers of America honored the fashion star with the title of “Womenswear Designer of the Year” in 2005. Known for her nonchalant approach to style and luxury, Vera Wang’s Ready-to-wear Collection is a smart brand to opt for your special occasion. 

Vera Wang- A bit more about ‘Brand’

The dress is temporary, but the memories are something that remains with you forever. So, if you want to create a lasting impression on your wedding guests, start with a designer wedding dress, that too at affordable prices. You might be surprised at this? A designer dress in budget seems like a dream afar for most of the brides. And yes, Vera Wang pre-owned wedding dresses are turning this fairytale dream into reality with its large range of pre-owned bridal gowns that speaks its class. Sounds dreamy! Most of you might be getting goosebumps all over your body thinking about wearing a designer wedding gown, that too inspired from so many celebrity weddings? Yes, you read it right! If you are a non-traditional bride who thinks practically, buying your dream wedding dress from your favorite Vera Wang bridal gown designer can be budget savvy if you pick a pre-owned wedding dress for your big day.

You can find gorgeous dresses of your choice made with exceptional quality at a fraction of the price when shopping pre-owned from any of the resale marketplaces. Plus, you can also decide to resell your wedding dress afterward to the same marketplace to make back a portion of the money you spent. This is why secondhand wedding dresses are a perfect choice, whether it’s a bride’s dress, bridesmaids dress, or dresses for mothers of the bride and groom.

Frankly, how does it feel to spend heavy hard-earned money over something that you might not be going to wear a second time? Heart-breaking! Right? You may thank us later for this amazing idea and for now, you can browse the special range of the Vera Wang wedding dresses for sale and pick that magical piece for you that will make your partner go awe as you walk the aisle, a sophisticated NYC bride couldn’t look more beautiful than this! And the cherry on the top is your dramatic entry to the wedding ceremony wearing a long flowy custom-made designer wedding gown sweeping the floor and a veil swaying with the breeze! Simply romantic with thousands of memories to be saved amidst the folds of your wedding album featuring lovely wedding pictures!

Imagine- you are standing with your darling spouse amidst an elegant wedding spot that you have selected for your special celebration, the laced floral gown is adding so much grace to your lovely bridal look and of course to the memorable evening for which every nook and cranny around you is decked up with elegance! Simply magical! This is what Vera Wang bridal is loved for!

Vera Wang- Collections and Styles

Not every bride is the same, and nor her style and size. And when it comes to picking the right kind of wedding dress, you cannot risk an inch to go short! Don’t panic. Just have a lovely morning coffee and visit the store as the first thing. Because with the new day comes the fresh thoughts. So don’t wait for the perfect ideas to stick to your living room while you are busy reading a book or telling your mother about your wedding butterflies! Bring with you the most lovable person whom you trust for anything, and make sure they are there to put you back to senses when your brain stops working amidst so many options. 

To give you some wedding dress inspirations, here are some popular Vera Wang wedding gowns with so many varieties for every bride-

With a touch of fineness and elegant texture, "Iris" macrame lace mermaid gown with a dramatic godet skirt is just a masterpiece. The straps accented by hand-placed lace at the shoulder are just beautiful to lure your man while the smoke silk organza hand-cut flower might be added to sprinkle a dramatic flair.

"Tulip" styled gathered French tulle gown with a draped sweep is an amazing piece of beauty to get fit in for your special wedding party. While you can see the center front slit at the bodice and skirt, the arm tie accents, plunging V-back, and exposed corset is just a complete package for your wedding dreams to take wings. For an X-factor, silk organza flowers can be added in the sleeves and your wedding pictures turn out to be truly spectacular.

Vera Wang’s "Cosmos" umber hand-draped French tulle V-neck gown looks simply extraordinary with arm tie accents, exposed tumbled nude skirt, and matching earrings to grace you. Sage silk organza flower is optional for those who want to look fancy. As you do a messy hair bun, your perfect bridal look outshines, unlike anything. 

"Larkspur" soft white V-neck crepe gown is just awesome to mesmerize your partner on your first look. It can look best in a hand-draped smoke skirt with light ivory and nude tulle adorned with a mauve silk faille hand-draped rose and white silk organza punch flowers for an exceptional feel you want for your upcoming wedding. 

Last but not least is the "Gardenia" hand-draped French tulle and silk organza halter gown with cut-out detail. Framed in light ivory for its best effect, the dress can be accented by light ivory hand-cut silk organza flowers and pale pink hand-rolled silk Duchesse satin flowers, that match ideally well with sage and smoke organza flowers. And for the pictures to turn out awesome, your stylist can give final makeup touches to your smokey eyes along with a neat hairdo.

Well, as you might have been dealing with so many questions after going through the above variations, stick to just one thought- there is just one dress you need to select, and putting so much into it might put an adverse effect on other elements of your wedding planning. So, be balanced and a little calculative before you make a final choice.

And if a particular dress you’re looking for is at the store, just grab it at the earliest. And if not, you can request for the same. Similar is with the size of the dress because you cannot afford a little variation to the fitting. While most of the salons carry a bridal size of 10 or 12, even if you need a bigger or smaller size than usual, ask for it ahead of time. But the primary thing is the price range that you want to follow. If the dresses that you like at the first go aren’t in your budget, take a pause, try other options, and then give a final call. You never know, when your mood swings poke you to like the same dress you have ignored at the first glimpse. So give it a chance, just like you did on your first date, and see how it has transformed your life, and for the better!

Vera Wang- The Vision Ahead and Future Goals

The Vera Wang brand reflects her vision to create a lifestyle that goes way more beyond core bridal and ready-to-wear outfits and thinking of stepping into publishing, fragrance, beauty, accessories, and home. These collections that hold impeccable customer appeal are positioned at the highest end of the luxury market. Driven by artistic, modern, and luxurious design and style, the brand believes in offering a high level of customer service as a popular New York wedding gown designer.

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