Pronovias Wedding Dresses

Started as a top-of-the-line lace and silk fabrics store in Barcelona, Pronovias today is a wow factor bridal brand known to be the global leader in bridal wear.

Pronovias Wedding Dresses

Started as a top-of-the-line lace and silk fabrics store in Barcelona, Pronovias today is a wow factor bridal brand known to be the global leader in bridal wear. Boasting elegance, premium quality, and exquisite artistry, Pronovias bridal collections have been and will be a trendsetter for bridal fashion. Pronovias’s horizon is not limited to a particular fabric, design, style, or bride, they design keeping every kinda bride in their mind, from a romantic, delicate bride to bold and modern bride. The sky’s the limit when it comes to being Pronovias no matter if you are a curvy bride looking for a size-inclusive bridal collection. Offering an array of different styles and silhouettes to suit and allure every figure, Pronovias is a pandora box gleaming with magical wedding dresses made from the best quality fabrics and hand detailed embellishments.

You have been dressing down for date nights, but now it’s your wedding day. And the world is your oyster to look en pointe that day! By now, you might have imagined everything for your wedding look which is bang on-trend, from wearing a sexy red lip to arresting smokey eyes to sun-kissed balayage hair styled in the most elegant way. You might have tried on so many make-up looks from lookbooks on you for your wedding day, that’s pretty simple and can be altered anytime you want as per your wedding theme, style, and outfit that you have in your head. However, so is not with the bridal dress. You have gotta do a lot of homework before you dive into wedding dress shopping. Be it a designer wedding gown from popular bridal designers or a simply elegant wedding dress that suits your budgetChoosing your dream wedding dress is not as easy as wearing your go-to lip balm. You may end up falling for a completely different bridal dress you'd never considered after trying on some hand-picked dresses mirroring the image in your head. You would love it, even if it's not what you thought it would be. It’s important to keep your mind open while bridal dress shopping. You never know what could click you and convince you to replace your dream dress featuring all the bells and whistles and a sexy neckline with it. Nothing can compare the happiness that comes from finding "the one"- dress, that is!

Pronovias: Reach

Established in 1922, Pronovias has cemented itself in the fashion industry as one of the most renowned designers producing gorgeously affordable bridal, bridesmaids, and evening wear. The story began from her family store; a sophisticated custom boutique in El Suizo, Barcelona, providing exclusive quality lace, embroidery, and high-quality silks. Local brides from the elite class would come to have their dresses made here. It wasn’t until 1964 that the company launched its first collection of prêt-a-porter wedding gowns in Spain. The brand reached every nook and cranny of this world in 1980 with stores opening in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and eventually making its way to the United States. Pronovias is now one of the most predominant bridal companies around the world.

Today, Pronovias is one of the leading bridal companies in the world. In 2004, the company commemorated collaborating with world-famous fashion designers such as Valentino, Elie Saab, and Emanuel Ungaro to design and manufacture a more exclusive, high-end, couture bridal collection. That collection has now evolved into the “Atelier Pronovias” collection, which features exceptionally distinct laces and the finest fabrics including silks, crepes, duchess satin, silk chiffons, and more. Each silhouette is striking and romantic and embodies haute couture in the bridal fashion world.

Meet Pronovias’ Group Artistic Team members

Amandine Ohayon (CEO of the Pronovias Group) stated: “We believe this level of artistic mastery, craftsmanship, and diversity in a team is unparalleled in the bridal world. This strategy will set a new standard for our industry and will ensure Pronovias Group continues to drive innovation further to better fulfill our customer’s desires. Furthermore, this creative firepower will allow us to better leverage our unique portfolio of luxury brands across all markets.”

Alessandra Rinaudo was announced new Pronovias Artistic Director after Hervé Moreau, A second to none bridal hotshot, she is from Italy where she spent her childhood among the piles of precious fabrics and romantic silhouettes of her mother’s wedding dress boutique. She grew up with a dream of becoming a bridal designer which led her to work for Pronovias, a household brand with a global identity. Her love for exquisite fabrics and body-skimming silhouettes reflects in her designs.

Riccardo Serravalle is an award-winning Italian-German designer at the company and has established his identity in the bridal and special occasions sector. Riccardo has been part of large design teams metamorphosing special occasion collections at S Oliver and Barbara Becker, as well as being Bridal Senior designer at Justin Alexander, in addition to taking part in the Fashion Hero TV program with Claudia Schiffer. The new Senior designer for the St. Patrick brand has always been mesmerized by the complete look of women's fashion and by becoming part of the Pronovias Group Artistic Team, he achieved one of many goals he has set for himself.

Thomas Vasseur is an accomplished French designer with an exemplary track record in the international Haute Couture sector. Vasseur has been part of the most recognized design teams worldwide including John Galliano, Alexander McQueen for Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Zac Posen, to which he brought his great knowledge and mastery of luxury wear. Thomas Vasseur launched his own brand ‘Vasseur Esquivel’ in 2001, with Argentinian designer Gaba Esquivel. They participated in NY Fashion Week and enjoyed great success for years.

Nicole Cavallo is one of the most loved wedding influencers who revealed the taboos of the wedding dress to her contemporaries through the language of Instagram and is the new creative face of Nicole Fashion Group. Nicole, daughter of the designer Alessandra Rinaudo, has been able to innovate the style and refinement that have always identified the brand, introducing a new season for the Italian fashion brand. Nicole Cavallo’s debut launched with the exclusive NicoleXNicole capsule collection for millennial brides. With Nicole Cavallo, the future of the brand is to steal the hearts of new brides-to-be.

Pronovias: Wow factor designer for the most fashionable brides

Headquartered in Barcelona, Pronovias Group is a household name in bridalwear and takes pride in dressing brides in more than 105 countries for over 50 years. In 1964, the company showcased its first prêt-a-porter wedding collection. Today, the Pronovias’ captivating bridal dresses are distributed through over 60 Pronovias stores and 3,800 independent points of sale around the world. The Pronovias collection boasts a wide spectrum of styles and silhouettes, and each dress is designed with thoughtful attention to craftsmanship and construction so as to ensure an exceptional fit.

The Pronovias bride is elegant, beautiful, and sensual, describes Hervé Moreau, the previous Artistic Director. And those feelings can be seen gorgeously translated in his fashion-forward designs. He is renowned for crafting the most spectacular haute couture wedding dresses, and the brand’s knack of customizing these distinctive dresses allows Pronovias to truly create the dress of your dreams.

The dresses at the Pronovias Bridal start at $2200. You could drop by Pronovias bridal boutique with your besties or your mother to help you select your most important dress and enjoy an ultimate shopping experience in the luxurious ambiance with a glass of champagne that they serve their guests upon arrival. The other facilities include VIP personalized tour, in-house modeling of the latest collections along with exclusive gifts for you. Not only bridal dresses but also you will find bridesmaids dressesmother-of-the-bride dressesguest dresses, evening gowns. The house also welcomes alteration, bridal stylists, private appointments on request.

Collections & Inspiration: Dresses or jewels?!

Pronovias Atelier- New Hollywood Glamour Collection: Step into the spotlight on your wedding day in a bridal gown from Pronovias’ New Hollywood Glamour Collection. With a lifelong passion for luxury design and bridal couture, Alessandra Rinaudo has designed her first line for Atelier Pronovias which is no less than a dream come true. Rinaudo drew inspiration from the A-list Hollywood stars and the star dresses from Maison’s heritage. Rinaudo was drawn to the masterpieces of Pronovias’ heritage while creating her mood board. She laid out sketches of vintage tuxedo gowns, scribbled notes about sunray pleats. Pictures of age-old movie stars framed her drawings as she orchestrated never-before-seen silhouettes and bridal accessories that take you from your wedding to ramp. Make your big day the most fashionable one with a selection of exquisite dresses on the cutting edge of style. Boasting a tangible handmade quality and luxurious fabrics and finishes, the Atelier Collection is for women who dare to stand out in the crowd. Imagine stepping off a limousine onto a red carpet surrounded by a sea of paparazzi flashing their cameras. Now channel the icons of Golden Age glamor, the remarkable elegance of Sofia Loren, the sensational style of Grace Kelly. Pronovias has employed multitudinous unique craftsmanship techniques to create dynamic silhouettes. 

New 2021 Cruise Collection:

It’s the most revered and glamorous stars in the film that inflamed Atelier Pronovias’s Cruise 2021 collection. Intended for the bride seeking a sophisticated wedding gown worthy of gracing the Hollywood red carpet. Silhouette is the first and foremost thing that comes to designers’ minds when they get around to making beautiful dresses, especially wedding dresses. Rinaudo’s knack of reinventing classic silhouettes just like that is pretty visible in the dresses from this collection. Exuding high-impact, jaw-dropping style, each gown is crafted to perfection, from remodeling ruffles that cascade in waves along the bodice for added drama to fully beaded gowns made from a plethora of silver geometric crystals to puffed and padded sleeves accented with intricate lace and floral appliqués. Whether it’s “Ava”, strapless ball gown with exaggerated pleated ruffle train, or "Francis" gown with a knife-pleated skirt and lace applique bodice, every single piece from this 2021 Cruise Collection is a work of art!

Boasting corset wedding dresses, vaporous dresses, princess cut, mermaid cut, Pronovias Bridal is a gold mine full of precious dress numbers. Strike gold with any design you have dreamed of for your special day. They are a savior for curvy brides too. Their plus size wedding dresses will make any extended sized bride feel comfortable and confident going up to the altar in front of their near and dear ones. Hugging your figure at the right places and striking a perfect balance between elegance and glamor, all dresses are manufactured with supreme quality fabrics and haute couture designs.

No matter what your style is, Pronovias designers have got your back, from tulle wedding dresses to metallic ones to any other fabric you want for a wedding dress, with the style you want, they have it all at Pronovias!

Pronovias wedding gowns for sale

Every bride grows up dreaming of wearing designer labels for their ‘I do’ moment but the price tag seems like a villain that does its utmost to keep you away from reaching your happily-ever-after land in your dream look. If a price tag is the only wall between you and your dream of wearing a designer wedding dress, then allow Borrowing Magnolia to smash it to pieces with our incredible collections of affordable preowned bridal gowns from popular wedding gown designers all over the world. And if you are particularly looking for Pronovias wedding gowns for sale, you will find a tremendous collection at the best prices. Picking one dress out of a sea of wedding dresses, when every dress is more appealing than the next, could be overwhelming. If you are wondering where to start, peep into your own wardrobe and feel your personal taste. Think- is it a dress that fits you like a glove gives you confidence or it is something with a little more flow that makes you comfortable. Trust us, this no-brainer analysis will give you a better idea of what silhouette you should go for.

Pronovias Resale: A few extra bucks never hurt

Pronovias resale options heal your bank account effortlessly which was hit by the wedding expenses from the comfort of your couch. Like many millennial brides, if you too wish to recoup some expenses spent on your wedding day, then browse second-hand wedding dress selling websites and list your expensive wedding dress. Also, considering the large demand for all kinds of second-hand Pronovias wedding dresses, we invite you to visit Borrowing Magnolia’s website for your dream to own Pronovias wedding gowns. Whether it’s an A-line minimalist wedding dress or a frou-frou princess-style dress or a mermaid cut that allures you, Pronovias bridal collections listed on Borrowing Magnolia is the answer to your every style and you are sure to find your ‘that’s the one’ Pronovias bridal dress here in a wink. Thousands of brides submit their wedding dresses with so much life left in them on our user-friendly website to bring smiles to the faces of soon-to-be brides who are seeking their dream Pronovias wedding dress without breaking the bank. Pronovias Group encourages brides who do not keep their dress after the big day and donate to charity.

Pronovias wedding gowns for sale: save money, save the earth

Buying a used wedding dress is a thrifty way to snag a designer wedding dress for half the sticker price. And if you are in luck and chance upon a used wedding dress from someone with a similar body type, you may not have to make too many alterations, which also cuts down your costs. Did we mention buying pre-loved wedding dresses is environmentally friendly, as well? It's an excellent way to reduce and reuse. You never know if your wedding dress is hiding among Pronovias haute couture wedding dresses. Thanks to the fact that they are made with the best quality fabrics, they will look gorgeous on you. You will know what yours is as soon as you try it on.

Set your foot into the new phase of your life with your love without adding to the carbon footprints and waste. The only thing that you need to be sure of is that the gown you have selected doesn’t need expensive alterations and complements your body type. And because you're getting the designer wedding dress for a fraction of the price, you can put some of the money aside to make sure it fits as a lid fits its bottle (and some extra dry-cleaning if necessary). 

Goals & Visions

Strengthening the Pronovias Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs is a key priority for us. With Brides do Good we have found the perfect partner with whom to build a long-term relationship both to have a positive impact on women and, in an industry that has been slow to embrace sustainability, we are hoping to set a new standard from a throw-away fashion perspective.", stated Amandine Ohayon, CEO of Pronovias.

The global leader in luxury bridalwear, Pronovias Group, started a movement to give wedding gowns a second life and partnered with London-based social enterprise Brides do Good to give women around the world a brighter future. In this innovative partnership, Pronovias is calling all brides to donate their pre-loved wedding gowns to their nearest Pronovias store from where they will be distributed to Brides do Good to be re-sold and re-loved.

After heeding an exorbitant consumption of plastic water bottles in their headquarters (i.e. 42,000 bottles per year) and identifying a dependence of plastic hangers during their dress shipment process (approximately 60,000 hangers per collection), the Pronovias Group decided to make a change. Therefore, they started installing filtered water dispensers throughout the complex and distributing reusable water bottles to all employees. The group is now working on installing the same water dispensers in both the offices and stores of subsidiaries in the U.S. and Italy. They reviewed their recycling practices and concluded they would improve efforts to properly recycle waste. With an aim to increase recycled waste from 32% to 73%, their headquarters has begun spearheading a new recycling process.

Pronovias via us

Wedding costs could burn a hole in your pocket if you have no idea how you could save thousands of bucks without compromising on your dreams. Not every budget-savvy bride would want to design and make their own wedding gown, or has a fashion designer friend or relative who can be a superhero and save her from a cash-eating monster. And if your wedding budget is not allowing you to buy a brand new Pronovias designer wedding gown, don’t give up on your wedding wish list. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to slip into a chic lacey mermaid cut Pronovias designer dress number for your walk down the aisle. 

The universally-loved wedding dress designer, Pronovias Bridal is a powerhouse that enlightens the fashion industry with its on-trend gorgeous collections of bridal wear that are steezy and brings out the OG you! Whether you pick a your-kind-of dress out of Pronovias wedding gowns for sale or go for a crisp piece fresh out of the oven, you are going to set the stage on fire on your wedding day. The preloved wedding dress you are planning to buy may be second-hand to you but it’s not so vice-versa. For these pre-owned dresses, you are a brand new owner and they are committed to bringing the same joy and confidence to their new owner bride. Because you deserve it! 

Enter our website to browse through an amazing collection of designer wedding dresses until you find the stop-and-stare kind of dress for your nuptials. We are waiting for you with open arms. At Borrowing Magnolia, we are offering you gorgeous bridal and evening dresses at great prices because we care for your dreams. Not only do we want to be a tear of joy in your eyes, a smile on your lips, and a ray of hope for your big honeymoon, but also we want to witness your most important day and hear your heartbeats as you walk down the aisle while staying close to your heart on the day of your wedding!

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