Stella York Wedding Dresses
Stella York

Stella York is proud to offer her fashion-forward, on-trend styles for the standard as well as plus-size brides to shop an incredible range of award-winning looks, that too in sizes 22 - 34.

Stella York Wedding Dresses

Stella York is proud to offer her fashion-forward, on-trend styles for the standard as well as plus-size brides to shop an incredible range of award-winning looks, that too in sizes 22 - 34. There is an endless collection to explore, from sexy fit-and-flare styles to classic, dramatic ball gowns.

Now that you've finally decided that it's time to stop dating and get married to the one who adores you above anything, by now you'd have also found your perfect wedding venue. But, the biggest exciting thing is still to be hunted. It is nothing but your wedding dress, and with us, you can make your bridal dress shopping fun, easy, and painless!

Most brides believe us that accessories complete your bridal look, from veils to earrings, but it is certainly the fact that the wedding gown is the cherry on the top and creates a big difference to your bridal look. No matter how neat your eyeliner or hairdo is, you cannot take your wedding dress for granted. And if you are the New York City bride, you have the benefit of getting dressed from the rich collection of one of the popular wedding dress designers of the city, none other than Stella York designers!

 Stella York- An Introduction

Glamorous. Sexy. Extravagant. Stella York wedding dresses are more than just a designer label. Discover a line of designer wedding dresses at this glam designer dress outlet that celebrates you! Founded in 2013, Stella York is a part of the Essense of Australia family of brands—and has gifted thousands of lovely brides across the globe with its affordable, award-winning designer styles. Whether it’s fashioned out of soft organza, chiffon and tulle or romantic satin and taffeta, your Stella York designer wedding gown makes an extraordinary accompaniment to the ambiance, just like your authentic smile as you walk down the aisle to live the magical moment of your life! 

And this nostalgic moment has so many dreams attached to it that started triggering when you were 8 and saw your aunt in a gorgeous wedding dress, and there was just one thought in your mind for the entire ceremony, “When Will I be wearing such a lovely dress?” So, making this romantic dream a reality for all the modern brides, from zero to plus size, Stella York’s bridal gown collection is not short of unique designs and patterns that will melt your heart and have your partner mesmerized with your glamorous look. His happy tears are enough to say what his heart might be feeling at the moment!

As the name suggests, the Stella, or “star” of her wedding day, the bride wearing a Stella York designer gown is not less than a showstopper, adorned in a head-turning creation brought to life by the expert professionals. And the highlight is the exceptional fit that gives the body a perfect look, that too at a competitive price. Because what you wear on your big day does not only define you but also add a dramatic flair to your pictures, and your mood. As you feel happy, your wedding photo book will be full of amazing captures of this beautiful celebration of love, from a heartwarming first look to the magical wedding ceremony and a lot more in between. And no matter how many happy faces and beautiful ladies are there in the celebration, everyone would be just desperate to get into the frame with the lovely bride. All thanks to the Stella York custom-made designer gown that is giving you the perfect look of a bride!

Stella York- Preowned Bridal Gowns

Wearing a Stella York’s classy designer wedding gown in spectacular beading, glamorous laces, and enchanting fabrics, there is no second thought about the elegance and attention you are going to grab by each happy face that is present to grace you on your big day. Whether a bride is graced in soft organzas, chiffons, and charmeuses or romantic satins and taffetas, the Stella York bridal gown collection is an extraordinary accompaniment to her every desire.

As the world is changing at a rapid pace, the same impact can be seen in the visions of today’s brides. Unlike the ancient times with lots of complexities, the brides today are intelligent enough, from selecting their engagement ring to planning your entire wedding based on their personality as a couple. And you know what, the focus these days is more on the bride and her preferences instead of investing so much on the decor and dining to just please the guests and society. 

We know you're probably super excited to find your wedding dress, but you can't get ahead of yourself. Alterations take several months and running in sync with the wedding theme along with the accessories, and your partner’s style as well is nevertheless easy. But, as “slow and steady wins the race”, be prepared with your special wedding gown at least 4-6 months prior so that there is not even a bit of scope left for any loophole. 

Considering all the transformations that the wedding industry has encountered, one of the widely accepted concepts nowadays is to pick the second-hand designer wedding dresses. Sounds exciting! Yes, it is not a dream to wear an elegant designer gown that you may not afford to buy even after saving for almost half of the year. And guess what? You can get the same masterpiece for just a fraction of the price to flaunt on your wedding day. What’s next? You can sell the wedding dress to the retailer from where you have bought it by paying a nominal charge or listing fee if it was a website while still getting a good portion of the money spent. Isn’t it cool? How about buying some exclusive dresses for your honeymoon from this bonus amount that you have saved from buying an affordable dress and flaunting them for some Instagram-worthy pictures of your post-wedding vacation trip!

Hey beautiful! Relax for a while and drink a glass of wine while your goosebumps are set to normal and set a reminder for the next morning. And what you do is to hop on the market and pick your favorite design from a vibrant range of Stella York pre-owned wedding dresses! A wide range of standard and plus-size dresses in different styles, ultimate detailing, rich fabric, that too in your budget!! What an amazing start to your wedding shopping! 

Quick tip! If you are nervous about being lost into so many options available, bring your lady love, your sweet mother with you. You will not only be going to get amazing ideas to carry yourself elegantly in that ‘simply glam’ dress, but also a perfect partner to accompany you after a stressful day and share a cup of coffee with you. Whohoo! You finally reached level 1 of your wedding checklist as you have entered the right destination for a perfect wedding dress of your type!

Though you might have done homework about the recent wedding trends and the best-quality fabric used for the dresses, the thing that matters the most is your comfort. The picture with a beautiful model outfitted in a gorgeous laced floral gown might trigger your mind like the best ever bridal attire. But are you sure that this would be the same case when you will wear the same gown? Fingers crossed! 

There are some things about finding your wedding dress you just don't find out until you're in the dressing room of a bridal salon. But not to worry, Stella York’s designer store makes sure you're as prepared as possible. You can utilise their fully-equipped changing room to try on some dresses and show it to the experienced person accompanying you to get the most honest feedback. You’ll find here an inviting ambiance that helps you make the second right decision, yet the most thoughtful one, of course, saying yes to the love of your life is the first right decision you have ever made. So keep your cool. This is not going to be as tough as the former! 

The same color, same dress length, and a pretty pair of earrings to accentuate the entire look! Still, you are feeling something missing as you look yourself in the mirror! And this is what we call the beauty of this world. Each bride is different and so is her taste that brings so much vibrancy to the universe. Else, think about all the brides looking just the same on their special day. Doesn't it look weird? But don’t worry because we won’t let you behave weirdly while planning for your wedding. Don’t get disheartened if the dress that you have thought of buying doesn’t suit you. Stella York’s wedding dress collection has all the best designs waiting for you, all are better than the other and guarantee you the best-ever bridal experience. 

Stella York- Popular Styles

Offering affordable, on-trend bridal dress patterns for every size, the latest Stella York wedding gowns for sale features modern gown designs that will stand the test of time. With all-new feminine elements, grand silhouettes, and chic details, start your first step towards a budget-savvy yet iconic wedding planning to create a statement that lasts, now and forever.

Sprinkling the best of bridal romance with a hint of drama, ball gown style wedding dresses from Stella York’s stock are just perfect for the bride looking to make a lasting impression to her man and the wedding guests on her wedding day, Featuring full, voluminous skirts draped in soft tulle or sophisticated satin, every bride should feel like a princess on her wedding day while wearing this lovely dress style. Alluring to spark your bridal fairytale, there is no better choice than trying on these ball gowns with the matching accessories and a little makeup for a dramatic vibe.

For those who are looking for a basic not-so-fancy wedding dress without compromising on style, Stella York’s simple wedding dresses are exclusively meant for you! With the right thing that a minimalist bride needs to make a big style statement on her wedding day, these dresses boast luxurious fabrics and daring silhouettes altogether to create a casual wedding dress that is both effortless and easy-to-wear.

Yet another famous style of Stella York which is creating a major moment in the bridal world is vintage wedding dresses. While the luxurious antique lace fabric is the starring element, the beading work takes center stage in these authentic wedding dresses. The linear beadwork and sparkling art deco inspired gems highlight timeless silhouettes giving a hint of old Hollywood elegance. You might feel like living in old age as your grandmother for your wedding. Isn’t it lovely to recall that golden feel wrapped in the modern ambiance?

Wearing mermaid or trumpet style dresses for your wedding makes you feel sexy while staying true to your personal style. No matter what suits best to your personality, Stella York’s mermaid wedding dress outshine other designer dresses with a dramatic skirt and train, making your entrance with your partner a show-stopping moment. Let it be sleek, simple, sexy, and glam, this attire is the perfect silhouette to show off your shape!

For the brides who want to stay carefree during their wedding process, boho wedding dresses are a fashion epitome that evokes a sense of wonder and whimsy. Keeping you dreamy and effortless on your wedding day, this dress carries an elegant pattern of graphic lace and light-as-air fabrics combined to create simple silhouettes that will please any bohemian bride. From beach weddings to romantic elopements, boho wedding dresses from Stella York are the styles you’re after.

Stella York- Wedding Industry Trendsetter

Stella York is for those brides who need nothing but style. The vibrant Stella York Bridal Collection brings together dramatic elegance and Australian-inspired sophistication to create an unsurpassed look to your best-fit wedding dress design. Inspired by the world’s hottest red carpet trends, Stella York bridal gowns are crafted with exceptional detail to match the sophistication and elegance of an NYC bride. The brand is not just creating designer wedding dresses; it’s an indelible mind-set that relates to a bride’s attitude, style, and spirit.

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