Ysa Makino  Wedding Dresses
Ysa Makino

Setting a new benchmark in quality and design, a YSA Makino bridal gown is a truly distinctive magnum opus appreciated by the woman who understands trends and wants to drench herself with a luxurious experience.

Ysa Makino Wedding Dresses

Setting a new benchmark in quality and design, a YSA Makino bridal gown is a truly distinctive magnum opus appreciated by the woman who understands trends and wants to drench herself with a luxurious experience. Boasting intelligent use of color and exquisite detailing, the consummate creations of YSA Makino are reminiscent of work by proficient artisans. YSA Makino gowns are wearable art for brides who want to look lit on their big day! Every dress with YSA Makino label is over-the-top, super-stylized that boldly utilizes color, texture, beadwork, and draping, sometimes all at the same time! YSA Makino intertwines rich high-quality fabric and lace with exquisite hand embroidery. Every wedding dress from the house of YSA Makino is truly a work of art that emphasizes the conscientious detail infused to craft each creation to evoke a true sense of femininity and style! Giving a nod to tradition yet embracing the millennial style, the YSA Makino wedding collections are bold, trendsetting, high-impact centerpieces the entire wedding can be styled around.

Every bridal gown picked by a bride is beautiful- designer or regular! How can your wedding dress be not gorgeous that you have run to earth, be it a new wedding dress or a used one! We welcome you to buy your dream designer dress at great prices. We list beautiful wedding dresses from popular wedding gown designers worldwide. And if your heart is set on YSA Makino designer wedding dresses for yourself and your bridal party we have plenty of them as well. You can steal a great deal on your Ysk Makino wedding gown by keeping your eyes on YSA Makino resale or YSA Makino wedding dresses for sale as well.

YSA Makino: The outset & approach

This on-the-ball brand has been dressing brides up to the nines since 2000. The YSA Makino clientele includes celebrities around the world, with royalty, megastars, and socialites. After gaining a roaring success in the prestigious Milan show happened in June 2000, YSA Makino has become the Rolls Royce of bridal labels and been gaining the attention of fashionista trendsetting women not only from Europe and the U.S. but also fascinating and overwhelming brides from all walks of life worldwide. and is carried by some of the finest stores around the world. Headquartered in New York, YSA Makino had its design roots in Tokyo, its design direction was to craft stunning dresses which can become the last word in the industry with its sensual and traditional details. YSA Makino is known to give brides the custom couture bridal experience. Showcasing a new era in couture designer-wear, YSA Makino’s revolutionary approach to dressmaking aims to curate an astonishing visual experience with world-class quality. Brides not only get to work directly with bridal fashion designers and highly experienced stylists but also relish the award-winning buying experience coupled with seamless in-house alterations.

YSA Makino collection focuses on uncompromising craftsmanship and style with dresses. Thanks to their fully in-house tailors, artists, and embroiderers who are highly experienced with skilled techniques in embroidery and tailoring! Creating a product that truly differentiates itself is not a cakewalk but the proficient team of designers at YSA Makino bridal house does it easily. Every single piece that evolves from the Makino Atelier is a work of art that is admired by stores and brides all over the world. Committed to satisfying every requirement of their clientele, YSA Makino works closely with them to ensure the highest level of customer delight during the customization of each gown to make it fit squarely into their dream wedding look. Where every aspect is hand-made – this approach of working helps them achieving the distinctive impact where no boundaries exist and no effort spares in crafting the very best. Luxurious silk satin Duchess and Mikado are used luxuriously to produce sculptural foldings and drapes in the YSA Makino Ball Gown and Bridal Range. Feathers, swarovski, rosettes, and crystal stones are applied to produce totally different dimensions to bring out subtle details and bold expressions of exuberance. Their sensuous Cocktail Range showcases the most delicate microscopic mounts that exhibit the intricate fine touches giving just the right amount of texture and glitz to lavishly draped silk jersey, charmeuse, and exquisite fabric used in YSA Makino designer dresses.

YSA Makino: Collections, inspiration & price range

Starting at $4500, YSA Makino bridal collections are pure badass, and rightfully so! The label’s “limited editions” creations and one-of-a-kind designs represent the ultimate in high fashion glamor. YSA Makino designer gowns boast supreme quality with great workmanship and are fully customizable - ensuring that every bride slips into the gown of her dreams on her most special day. A collection with a bold expression of exuberance, the YSA Makino collection is traditional but audacious, catering to brides who love a statement dress. YSA Makino understands that the true beauty of a dress lies in the way it hugs the body of the wearer just like a second skin. With an unfaltering commitment to clients, YSA Makino takes the customer service notches above by remaining one of the last design houses to cut a gown based on the bride’s accurate measurements. YSA Makino wedding dresses can be ordered from the designer in sizes 0 and up. YSA Makino is one of the industry’s luxury authorities, and their prestigious dress collections will not disappoint. We are going to talk about ones that have been and still are the talk of the town.

The Prestige Collection: The highlights of the gowns from the Prestige collection are the rich jewel-toned embroideries and layers of lace. The embroideries are lavish, each piece of design showcases harmonies of craftsmanship that are fit for royalty and women of influence.

YSA Makino Bespoke Collection: The major ingredients of this elegant yet whimsical bridal dress collection are floral motifs, romantic ruffles, and exquisite details that are sure to whisk you away to New York City, strolling through Central Park enjoying the crisp air and delicate colors of nature. Ye, we mean it! Impress your guests and make a spectacular entrance to your ceremony in one of the dramatic gowns in this collection.

YSA Makino Icon Collection: Glamorous and sensual, the Icon collection of YSA Makino boasts lavish designs that perfectly strike a balance between tradition and luxury. Layers of lace fabric, embroidered appliqués, and intricate beadwork are the highlights of this collection making each bride stand out from the crowd. True to its name, the collection celebrates self-confidence and is made for brides who are composed and unabashed by admiration. All the YSA Makino gowns from this collection are classy, majestic pieces that capture the essence of royalty and sophistication - iconic for real.

Evening Collection: From the off-shoulder dress with exquisite hand-embroidered floral appliqués to the voluminous black ballgowns and to the embroidered slim dress with a plunging neckline, the YSA Evening collection covers every personality and look you can imagine. Brides can turn their far-fetched dreams into a beautiful reality with this array of options.

Stephen Yearick & YSA Makino Trunk Show (09/13/2019 - 09/15/2019)
The YSA Makino and Stephen Yearick collections are filled with ballgowns fit for a princess and sleek sexy silhouettes for the modern Cinderella. These collections have something for everyone. Leigh Price was in store all weekend to help brides find their dream gowns! YSA Makino designs bring professional craft and traditions to bear on personal designs. With the bride as the inspiration, each creation finds its voice in intricate fabric details and the way it flows on a bride's form. The fabrics, whether vintage or contemporary, speak of luxury and grace: duchess satin, silk crepe, and matelasse, chiffon, silk gaza, and lace. Hand-beading and embroidery add delicacy. Silk linings and hand-finishing ensure an impeccable fit.

New or used: A designer wedding dress is a designer wedding dress!

Do you know a student can study at a prestigious college in the amount you might end up spending on your wedding? And without any doubt, the wedding gown is one of the biggest expenditures for the wedding. While wedding dress prices do vary greatly, the average wedding dress cost in the U.S. is $1,000. It typically ranges from $280 to $1,650, but you can purchase a wedding dress for far above and below those prices. You can add a prominent designer name to your wedding talks at a fraction of the actual sticker price only if you choose to buy a preowned wedding gown. Modern brides and their fashion-forward bridesmaids have been going gaga over the thousands of cool/casual second-hand bridal collections by uber-chic bridal wear designers in the past few years. Browse our website to dive into the sea of incredible designer wedding gowns all available at affordable prices. We have a YSA Makino preowned wedding gown waiting for you, a gown that you will not only look great in but feel great in!

If you’re anything like me, I sure dream of saying ‘I do’ in a designer wedding dress like a celebrity designed by one of the popular wedding gown designers like YSA Makino but hardly would want to break the bank to walk the aisle in a dress that I would wear just for 24 hours or so and that will hurt my bank account and the planet. The Bridal Association of America’s survey report says, “A wedding gown costs around $1500, and that’s the average price.” Why should I pay an arm and a leg for a dress fresh out of the rack but in a way already used? Wondering how? Well, a wedding dress that might appeal to me might have attracted many other brides too, and have tried it on them as well. In fact, for some bridal gowns, the overall total of those “try-on” times might be equal to the time period the bride stays in the wedding dress on her big day, so even new wedding dresses are in many cases used. Plus, why not take the opportunity to contribute to the welfare of Mother Nature by opting for a second-hand designer wedding dress! Thanks to used wedding dress selling platforms- for helping us make our dream come true while letting us saving a fortune! And the cherry on the cake is- you can avail yourself of the free service of a cleaner dress than the brides buying from a store (unless the wedding gown was custom-made).

The second-hand sources offer a two-way road. Whether you are planning to buy a preloved YSA Makino wedding dress or interested in selling or donating your new bridal gown after your wedding, these platforms help you save or recoup a handsome amount of money (Hello professional engagement photoshoot or big honeymoon!). Selling a wedding dress online right after the first use is a popular trend many brides are turning to. This act doesn’t only benefit the owner bride, but it also benefits the soon-to-be bride looking for a designer dress at an affordable price for her special occasion. What better way to share the love with someone else and make their day as dreamy as yours.

“Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view. Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.” We are sure you have read these beautiful lines somewhere said by David McCullough Jr. says, right?

With so many vendors, styles, and gown designers available in the market, the otherwise fun task, wedding dress shopping, or choosing a perfect wedding dress might become a daunting one. But fret not! Remember that the supreme reward comes after the wedding when you get to start your lives together as one. If you find yourselves in the thick of the planning process, go for a date with your sweetheart, stay focused on your love for each other, and no wedding talks. This is what keeps you fresh amidst all the sweaty to-dos!

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